Passengers survive after being hit in the head by a flying turtle

Daytona Beach, Florida (AP) — It’s not uncommon for rocks and other debris to break through the windshield and hurt drivers and passengers, but is it a turtle?

A 71-year-old woman riding with her daughter on Interstate 95 in Florida had a headache when a turtle broke through the windshield of a car and hit her on Wednesday, the Daytona Beach News Journal said. I am reporting.

The daughter pulled and got help from another driver. According to the 911 recordings, both were surprised at what they found.

“There are turtles there,” the man can hear.

“Turtle!” The daughter shouted. “A real turtle?”

The cut drew a lot of blood, but the woman was not seriously injured. The turtle is crossing the interstate highway and may have been knocked in the air by another vehicle.

“I swear to God that this woman is the worst of all,” the daughter told the 911 operator, taking care of her injured mother.

Turtles, on the other hand, were lucky above all else. There was a slight scratch on the shell and it was returned to the nearby forest, said Andrefleming, a police officer at Port Orange.