Patient died in ICU fire in Indian hospital

At least 13 patients died after a fire broke out in the intensive care unit of a hospital set up to treat Covid patients near Mumbai.

Officials said the flames that broke out early Friday were extinguished and four survivors were transferred to a nearby hospital.

The incident is in the midst of a second wave of deadly infections in India.

The surge overwhelmed hospitals and caused a serious shortage of oxygen, ICU beds and ventilators.

A hospital fire broke out in the Virar region of Maharashtra, about 70 km (43 miles) north of Mumbai. It is unclear how the fire began, and the Maharashtra Prime Minister ordered an investigation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his condolences on Twitter, calling the incident “tragic.”

On Friday, India recorded 332,730 coronavirus cases. This is the best daily tally seen anywhere in the world for two consecutive days. The daily death toll from Covid-19 has increased by a record 2,263 over the last 24 hours.

The increase in the number of cases has led to a serious medical crisis that has hit several states. Modi will meet with the most affected state prime ministers and oxygen manufacturers on Friday.

By Friday, the Supreme Court of India called on the central government for a national plan to strengthen supply, oxygen, drugs, treatments and vaccines.

A public notice has been posted outside the hospital in Delhi to inform them of the lack of oxygen beds.

At least two hospitals in Delhi, the capital of India, are deficient in oxygen

The Supreme Court called this situation a “national health emergency.” Six high courts across the country are hearing petitions, including medical shortages.

Maharashtra is the country’s worst-hit state in terms of number of cases and faces oxygen deficiencies.

Two days ago, 24 Covid patients died elsewhere in Maharashtra after losing oxygen flow to the ventilator. A leak caused a supply disruption as a storage tank was being replenished at Zakilfsane Hospital in Nashik.

Recently, several other hospitals in Delhi have stated that they are deficient in oxygen or their supply is declining rapidly.

Many people died while waiting for supplies, and most of the intensive care units in Delhi hospitals are full.

Max Healthcare, which operates 10 private hospitals in the New Delhi area, said Friday morning that two facilities had been waiting for more than seven hours of fresh oxygen.

Later, he said that the supplies had finally arrived.

The other three Indian states (Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Hariyana) are also facing serious oxygen deficiencies, while others are depleted of supply.

Meanwhile, in the UK, a travel ban for visitors from India has come into effect. British and Irish citizens can continue to enter the country, but must stay in a government-designated quarantine hotel for 10 days.

Canada and the United Arab Emirates have suspended passenger flights for 30 days, and Singapore has tightened restrictions on travelers from India.