Patrick Brown’s attitude towards social conservatives challenged by rivals

Mayor Brampton and potential conservative leader Patrick Brown have been challenged by rivals who call the 2018 book a “dinosaur” for being friendly to the Social Conservatives.

“Of course, there is a place for all the conservative people in a conservative family,” Brown said during a CTV question period on May 15.

“When I was the leader of the Ontario Conservatives, there were many prominent social conservatives nominated as leaders of the Ontario Conservatives. Indeed, I am their position in the Federal Conservative family. I highly appreciate it. “

MP Reslin Lewis, the only candidate approved by a social conservative group in a leadership race, challenged Brown’s claim using a passage from his 2018 book Takedown. Conservative movement.

In this book, Brown advised his successor, Doug Ford, on how to deal with social conservatives.

“I tell Ford that social conservatives are dinosaurs that are becoming less and less relevant every day. Ten years ago they would have been real power, but their influence is year by year. I believe it’s declining every time, “Brown wrote in his book.

“They are people screaming into the sky. They are influential in political parties because they are organized. But they are few and out of sync with modern Ontario. And I don’t think they represent any striped conservatism. “

Lewis said in a statement that he advised Brown to withdraw his comments altogether.

Lewis’s comments are related to the controversial remarks of former Conservative leader candidate Peter McKay in 2019, and the socially conservative values ​​of then-leader Andrew Scheer were the Conservative 2019. It was a “stinking Scheer” at the expense of the year’s federal elections.

She also talks to other rivals about where social conservatives would be in the party if they win leadership, they can’t expect donations or volunteers, and they can give their opinions. He said he couldn’t.

“You can’t build a big tent for a variety of people if you’re afraid to discuss different ideas,” said Lewis, and the party under her leadership puts everyone on a bill for individual members. He added that it would allow him to vote according to his conscience.

Her fellow candidate, the Conservative Pierre Poirievre, also used Brown’s book to challenge his contradictory remarks.

“More evidence that Patrick Brown is a liar who says and does anything,” he said. I have written On Twitter.

The debate surrounding social conservatives suggests that the need for a state legislature will overturn the groundbreaking 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling to legalize abortion at the federal level. After the draft decision was leaked in early May, he took part in the leadership race more prominently. Manage the problem.

This prompted brown, Jean CharestWhen MP Scott Hison Immediately after the leak is revealed, take a firm stance in favor of abortion.

Independent Ontario Parliamentarian Roman Baber also responded, write in On Twitter, he doesn’t believe the government “plays a role in the way people start and grow their families.”

“But I respect the right of all Canadians to seek nominations, introduce laws and vote freely on issues of conscience, regardless of their outlook on life,” he added.

Poilievre did not comment on US law, but said his position on abortion was well-established and he would not agree with the pro-life law.

Lewis is the only current leadership candidate for professional life. The campaign life coalition of the activist group is to throw all the weight behind her after other pro-life candidates Joseph Burgo and Grant Abraham did not get “confirmed” status by the race organizing committee. I said I would.

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.