Patrick Mahomes stopped celebrating the Chiefs’ victory and ran through the field to hug Josh Allen.

Patrick Mahomes jumped into Travis Kelce’s arm in the end zone to celebrate the winning touchdown hookup in the game. Then he ran 180, sprinting in the middle and dodging his teammates who wanted to take part in delight like Buffalo Bills’ next pass rusher.

Mahomes dropped his helmet and wrapped his arm around another player on the field. But it wasn’t someone in red and gold. It was Josh Allen.

“A great respect for Pat. He threw a touchdown of victory and he came straight and found me,” Allen said after him. Bills crushes 42-36 overtime losses to Chiefs.. “In such a situation, doing it was pretty cool for him to do it.”

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Allen, who was spectacular in the playoffs, had nine touchdown passes, a total of 771 yards, and no turnovers in two games, but had no chance to touch the ball in overtime. Kansas City beat the coin toss and immediately drove 75 yards to win.

“It was a game fuss. No. 17, Josh, play his (ass) and forgive my words.” Mahomes told CBS Deputy Reporter Tracy Wolfson After the match. “We will play this team many times in games like this. In that quarterback, there will be a lot of fights with the coaching staff and the players they have.”

Mahomes was previously in Allen’s Cleats. Three years ago, the New England Patriots beat the coin toss, marched 75 yards, and won the AFC Championship Game with the first possession of overtime to advance to the Super Bowl against the Chiefs. Mahomes never won the ball in overtime.Tom brady After the match, I searched for Mahomes in the chiefs locker room. To give him advice and encouragement.

Allen and Mahomes performed the show and showed it in a heavyweight battle that deserved more than the second round of the playoffs. They joined and completed 60 out of 81 passes with 707 yards and 7 touchdowns, each in a hurry to lead the team. It was the first playoff game in NFL history that both quarterbacks had a passer rating of 123 points or higher. 25 points were earned in the last 2 minutes of regulation.

NFL Media member When fan I’m calling Mahomes-Allen on Twitter New and improved Brady and Manning’s rivalry.

It’s been the second year in a row that the Bills season ended with a playoff at the stadium. Buffalo is 0-4 in the middle of the playoffs under Sean McDermott.

Allen stayed in the field and saw and felt the celebration at Arrowhead Stadium.

“It sucks the way it happened. We wanted to win the game,” Allen said. “I took it all in, kept that feeling, and never felt this way again. It’s hard to take it in the same place for years, but it’s part of the game and learning. process.”

This article was originally published in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Patrick Mahomes has stopped celebrating the Chiefs’ victory to hug Josh Allen