Patrick Mahomuzu of Chiefs is, about why to find the Josh Allen after the game what was important to him

Chief Receiver Thai Leak Hill Following the touchdown catch that won the game, it was the first player who hugged tight end Travis Kelsey With a 42-36 victory Buffalo Bills and above.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Soon to come, he and Kelsey was hugged when you are walking slowly in the middle of the end zone. As soon as there are players and the photographer of the cluster, it is now in chaos within a few seconds.

Suddenly, Mahomuzu is away from his team-mate, he ran toward the stadium. He, while the photographer is tracking, around the at least one of the Bills players with a team mate and knees that are celebrating has moved in a zigzag manner.

On the 35-yard line, Mahomes dropped his helmet and found the person he was looking for. Buffalo Quarterback Josh Allen.. When Mahomes said something to the other, they hugged.

Between him Weekly radio spot In KCSP (610 AM), Mahomuzu is able to speak with Allen Why has been asked so important to him.

“Obviously he flipped his tail. He really did,” Mahomes said. “All the series he was fighting, he was running, he was throwing everything he needed to do to win. I was on that side and lost the overtime game. I didn’t get the chance to get the ball, I know how it feels.

In the “way of his play of the way and fight, depending on whether I was how much respect you what the wanted to tell him are paying. Both team is how well play against him, someone that I had to lose the game is disappointing. Fortunately, we were able to proceed to victory. But, because I wanted to show his respect to his definitely , he was worth it. “

Mahomes’ gestures made a lot of sense for Allen.

“I have a lot of respect for Pat,” Allen said after the match on Sunday. “He throws a victorious touchdown and he comes straight to find me. In such a situation, doing it was pretty cool for him to do it.”