Patrick Shu sparks controversy after calling ‘Merry Christmas’ ‘extremely offensive’


Twitter users ridiculed ex-Google and metatech lead Patrick Shyu after he tweeted that the phrase “Merry Christmas” was “extremely offensive.”

youtuber Patrick ShuAlso known online as TechLead, tweeted his controversial remarks on Christmas Day.

“I think ‘Merry Christmas’ is very insulting.” youtuber I have written. “Holidays cause stress, depression and mental health problems for 25-40% of people. It’s like the subversion of the West to the culture of “

He ended the tweet by asking, “What is a non-offensive greeting?”

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However, Shyu revealed in a follow-up tweet his “Happiest Christmas ever.”

“To be clear, I am having the happiest Christmas ever,” wrote the influencer. And if you say, “Oh, happy holidays to you too,” it will cause massive depression and carnage. “

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Syu’s tweets immediately sparked outrage and criticism among users.

“As a millionaire I find ‘Merry Christmas’ very insulting. I fixed it for you,” a Twitter user commented.

“You know what else most people would find very offensive? People running around looking for silly things that make them feel sick,” another user tweeted.

One Twitter user criticized Shyu’s attitude towards common phrases.

“‘Merry Christmas’ itself is not offensive,” wrote one user. “You choose to find it offensive, and no one can control what you find offensive.”

Others simply responded to the tweet with “Merry Christmas.”