Paul continues to be dissatisfied with the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic

Greensburg, Kentucky (AP) — Senator Rand Paul complained violently on the government’s response to COVID-19 on Tuesday, but instead of blaming former President Donald Trump, Governor of Kentucky and Dr. Anthony Fauci He accused him of violating personal freedom.

In the appearance of its headquarters in Greensburg, Kentucky, libertarian Republicans said Americans should decide for themselves whether to get vaccinated.

In front of the luncheon audience, ophthalmologist Paul said, “There really isn’t a need for people who believe in some kind of elitism to tell us what to do.”

Paul said most people over the age of 65 were vaccinated and “we thought it was in their best interests.”

“In a free society, we make these decisions individually,” he said.

Paul acknowledged Trump as “one of the big leaders” of the National Republican Party, but said he had many leaders in the GOP, said he was focusing on the 2022 Senate reelection, and whether to seek the president again. Diverted the question about.

Paul’s personality story is that the Biden administration sent A-list staff across the country to devise ads for niche markets and encourage community organizers to persuade unvaccinated people to shoot. It happens when you are trying to reach your COVID-19 vaccination goal.

Paul made a broad statement targeting Forch, the country’s top government infectious disease expert, and Andy Beshear, the governor of the Democratic Party of Kentucky.

Paul discussed with Fauci the need to wear a mask when the coronavirus vaccine became available and the origin of COVID-19. Senator told local Republican crowds on Tuesday that Fauci was “busy to be political” and “elitist,” “we are smart enough to make our own decisions.” Added.

“In our state, the governor has decided that he is the king,” Senator accused Bescher of the virus-related restrictions on the business that was subsequently lifted. Bescher said his actions saved his life.

The Kentucky Supreme Court is currently considering a separation of powers lawsuit resulting from measures passed by a state Republican-controlled legislature to limit the governor’s executive branch. Bescher filed a proceeding after lawmakers overturned the veto of the bill governing his executive branch. Paul called it the most important case in the state high court in decades.

“If the court decides that the legislature cannot limit the governor’s powers, you have a governor with unlimited powers, and that’s very dangerous,” a senator said Tuesday.

After the speech, Paul defended his focus on past virus-related behaviors. He said he would be asked more questions about the conflict with Fauci than any other topic when he met the Kentuckies.

“I think it’s still very much in people’s minds,” Senator told reporters, “I think it’s also been the biggest limitation of our freedom for a long time. Over the last few decades. It is difficult to find a precedent for the government to be so involved in our daily lives. “

Paul also criticized the push by liberal supporters to change or eliminate the Senate’s filibuster rules, saying he also opposed such efforts when the Republican Party led Congress.

“There is a danger zone until the 2022 elections,” he added, adding that removing filibuster would lead to “villains of all kinds” by the Democratic Party.

He said it was good to “slow things down.”

Paul is seeking a third Senate term in next year’s elections. Former black state legislator Charles Booker, who promotes the progressive agenda, has emerged as a leading potential Democratic challenger. Paul did not mention Booker when he appeared in Greensburg.

Paul downplayed the prospect of a repeat run for the presidential election in 2024. Senator Kentucky ran for the White House in 2016, but his campaign failed as Trump cast a shadow over the Republican territory.

Paul said on Tuesday that he was focusing on his reelection campaign, and that the national Republican political scene would “go up until President Trump decides what he intends to do.” Said.

When asked about the 2024 presidential election, Paul said, “So I think we’re waiting.” I don’t really think about it. Perhaps in order for me to consider it, some special series of events needs to come together. “

Asked if Mr. Trump continues to be the leader of the National GOP, Paul said: And former President Trump is one of the party’s big leaders. But it’s not monolithic. “

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