Peclesse wins French conservative ticket for presidential election

Paris-Vallery Pecresse described himself as “one-third of Thatcher, two-thirds of Merkel” and won a French conservative Republican (LR) ticket in the 2022 presidential election. We aim to prevent the re-election bid for Emmanuel Macron.

So far, polls show that the 54-year-old chief of the Ile-de-France region of Paris won at most 11% of the votes in the April elections next year and is unlikely to vote twice. It goes without saying that you will win.

Nearly 61% of the finals vote, Pecresse defeated right-wing Eric Chiotti with an LR ticket, saying the party was a test of whether it remained center-right or staying right-wing. .. ..

“We will restore France’s pride and protect the French,” Pécrès said at party headquarters shortly after the results were announced.

Pecresse may appeal to centre-right voters. Macron is highly dependent, but needs to seek support from more conservative voters, who are also endorsed by right-wing candidates.

French President Emmanuel Macron greets French President Ildo in Paris and Valerie Pecres in the French right-wing Republican preliminary election at Emile Zola's house in Medang.
On October 26, 2021, French President Emmanuel Macron greets Valerie Pecres, the regional president of Ile de France, at the home of Emile Zora in Medan, near Paris, in the French right-wing Republican preliminary election.

The unexpected candidacy of solid commentator Eric Zemmour overturned the conventional knowledge that the presidential election is a replay of the 2017 duel between Macron and the far-right National Union Marine Le Pen. ..

Although more moderate than Chotti, Pecres and her LR ticket rivals all drifted further to the right in terms of immigration, law and order.

She halves the number of residence permits for non-EU migrants, tightens judicial decisions in harsh areas where police are under pressure, and women who accompany children on school trips wear Muslim scarves. The campaign was carried out with the promise of banning things.

“I feel helpless in the face of violence and the rise of Islamist separatism, and the anger of those who feel their values ​​and lifestyles are threatened by uncontrolled migrants,” she said. ..

Former budget minister and government spokesman under Nicolas Sarkozy’s administration will have a hard time differentiating himself from Macron’s economic pro-business, low tax stance.

She said she would finish 35-hour workweeks, raise retirement age to 65, cut 200,000 public sector jobs, and build more reactors.

The centre-right has dominated France for much of its postwar history, but has struggled in recent years, losing voters to both Macron and the far right, which occupy most of its territory.

Polls have consistently shown that Macron, who has not yet officially declared his candidacy, will win a second mission. There was no female president in France.

Lee Thomas and Sophie Loue