Pediatric lover Madeline McKahn is reported to have worked at a resort where she was snatched.



An amazing revelation discovered by the German team of investigative journalists put the prime suspect Madeline disappeared At the very resort where she disappeared.

Convicted Pediatric lover Christian Brückner, The person who emerged as the only suspect In a 15 year old cold caseAccording to a German documentary, he worked as a handyman at the Ocean Club in Praiadals in the spring of 2007. Madikas’ new leade will be broadcast in Europe on Monday night.

The show’s producer confirmed to the Daily Beast that he had given a series of investigation materials to German and Portuguese investigators indicating that Bruckner had “repeatedly repaired” at the Algarve Resort, when McCann’s spent his vacation. I was in town.

Police find a bucket of children’s toys in a secret sealed basement looking for Madeline McKahn

McCann disappeared from the bedroom of a holiday rental apartment where his parents were sleeping with their shy twin brothers on their fourth birthday while dining with a friend at a nearby tapas bar. The couple took turns checking the children, and the time frame between the checks when McCann disappeared was less than an hour. This means that anyone who catches her is familiar with the property.

McCann’s parents were initially suspected by Portuguese authorities, but many believe that it led to the escape of the real perpetrators. They were finally cleared in the case and successfully sued police investigators who wrote a book claiming their involvement.

A documentary spokesman said they would have had an easy time to carry out the evening reconstruction and Bruckner robbed the child. A German prosecutor who was sentenced to imprisonment for Brueckner’s rape of a 72-year-old American woman at a resort in Portugal was also interviewed. “I am grateful that the SAT.1 team shared certain findings with the public prosecutor’s office,” he said in a documentary clip. “There are witnesses who may prefer to talk to the media over us or the police. If this gives us an idea, of course we will follow up.”

Investigators have returned home to 45-year-old Bruckner since evidence was found buried in his backyard in 2020, including a bucket of children’s toys. The night she was kidnapped, phone records tied him to the Praiadals area. He remains innocent and continues to write to journalists (including German documentary directors) who share his letters on the program on Monday.

An excerpt from the program says that one of the letters contains a strange rant about his innocence. “If possible, I only drive during the day, so the tattered” hippie bus “did not attract attention. He just drove the roads he needed and, most importantly, did not provoke the police, “he wrote in an excerpt. “That means not committing a crime, and certainly not kidnapping someone. That said, this is as much to me at the time as starting a nuclear war or slaughtering chickens. It was ridiculous. “

German and Portuguese police have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds investigating the case without quoting “conclusive evidence of whether she is alive or dead” in a case backed by the British government’s Operation Grange. We are continuing to investigate.

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