Pelosi excludes Biden from forming a January 6 committee

Washington (AP) — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ruled out a presidential committee studying the riots that took place in the Houses of Parliament on January 6, after the Senate last blocked an independent investigation into the Democratic Party of the House on Tuesday. But the week when President Joe Biden said appointing a panel wouldn’t work.

Pelosi presented the next possible steps after a vote in the Senate on Friday. Blocked law Create an independent bipartisan panel to investigate the siege of former President Donald Trump’s supporters. She suggested four options for investigating the attack, according to a Democratic private Caucus Cole official who spoke about internal conversations on condition of anonymity.

According to Pelosi, the first option is to give the Senate another chance to vote for the committee, six Republicans voted for the Democrats to advance the bill, and a seventh Republican missed the vote. But he said he would support it. That is, the Democrats only need the support of three more Republicans to get the 60 votes needed to pass. The Commission said 9/11 terrorism. It is modeled after a very reputable committee investigating the attack.

Other options include the House investigating the attack. That is, the investigation is partisan in nature. Pelosi is responsible for a single committee, such as the House of Representatives Homeland Security Commission, which either appoints a new special committee to investigate the siege or wrote the original bipartisan bill to create the committee. Proposed that it could be given. Instead, Mr. Pelosi said the Commission could simply proceed with the investigation already underway.

However, the speaker said he believed that the committee nominated by Mr. Biden, the idea proposed at her caucuses after the Senate vote on Friday, was “not a viable idea in this situation.” It is unclear why she has such a view.

Pelosi’s comment calls for members of both parties to sneak deep into the rebellion, the worst attack on Congress in the second century, designed to interrupt the presidential election count. The mob died. Among them, a woman who tried to break into the House of Representatives chamber while a member was still inside was shot dead by police. The mobs brutally beat the police and invaded through windows and doors when they sought to overturn Trump’s defeat in search of lawmakers.

The White House has not yet mentioned whether Biden will appoint a committee without parliament, but some Democrats have urged Biden to take that step.

“In light of the Republican timid filibuster against the bipartisan committee on January 6, I set up, appointed, and appointed President Biden a presidential committee to fully investigate the riots in the United States Capitol. We ask you to identify the individuals and organizations involved in the plan or involvement. We make recommendations to commit violent acts and prevent such attacks from being repeated, “said Jerry Connolly, Congressman of the State of Virginia. Said in a statement.

It’s unclear whether the Senate will vote again for the committee and whether Republicans will support it. Senate leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) said after the vote that “the events of January 6 will be investigated,” leaving the possibility of a second attempt.

Senator Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Senate Minority Secretary of State, opposes the Commission, saying it believes it will be partisan even if it is evenly divided between the two. Mr. Trump also opposes the commission, calling it a “Democratic trap.”