Pelosi will appoint a second Republican to the committee on January 6th


Washington (AP) — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on Sunday with Donald Trump’s second Republican critic, Congressman Adam Kinzinger Special Committee to Investigate Parliamentary Riots And she promised that the Democratic majority committee would “find the truth.”

The commission will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, with Republican leader Kevin McCarthy joining after Republican Pelosi and D-Caliph in an interview with police officers who fought the riots on January 6. He said he wouldn’t. He refused to accept the members of his choice.

Pelosi, who has already added Republican Rep. Liz Cheney to the special committee, says he now intends to add Republican Kinzinger. Cheney and Kinzinger were one of the ten Republicans who voted for Trump’s second accusation, and only two Republicans who voted to form a special committee last month.

“That’s my plan,” Pelosi said in ABC’s “this week.”

When asked when to announce, Pelosi said, “Probably after talking to Adam Kinzinger … that’s where I’m going.”

There were no immediate comments from Kinzinger’s office.

R-Calif’s McCarthy said the commission was a “fake process” and resigned five members when Pelosi rejected two members, Jim Banks, Indiana and Jim Jordan, Ohio. Stated. Both sides voted against demonstrating Joe Biden’s victory over Trump on January 6.

Kinzinger and Chainy accused Trump of spurring the riots with his relentless false allegations that the 2020 elections were “stolen” for fraudulent voting.

For the past few weeks, Kinzinger has been a member of the Commission, despite threats from McCarthy that Republicans accepting the spot could be stripped of their regular Commission duties in retaliation for their participation. Proposed to accept.

The House of Representatives voted in May to create an independent investigation that would be evenly divided between the parties, but the Senate Republicans blocked that approach. Pelosi said a new panel was created just because bipartisan committees were no longer an option.

Cheney is currently on the committee with seven Democrats, ensuring a quorum for them to move forward, with or without other Republicans.

Pelosi expressed confidence that the Commission’s work was bipartisan and that McCarthy’s efforts to boycott the panel would be considered credible.

“Once again, we have to ignore the aversion of those who don’t want to find the truth,” she said. “We will find the truth. It will be patriotic, not partisan, and will earn the trust of the American people.”

Seven people died during and after the riot. Among them are a woman shot by police while trying to break into a room in her house and three other Trump supporters who suffered from a medical emergency. In the days that followed, two police officers committed suicide, and a third police officer, Brian Sicknick, collapsed and later died after engaging protesters. The coroner determined that he had died of natural cause.