Pence is manipulated by a pacemaker when Sanders pays Trump a rare compliment in Afghanistan

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The text shows that the DC National Guard is celebrating the threat of George Floyd protesters with a helicopter.

Roberto Schmidt / Getty A week after George Floyd’s murder last summer, DC National Guards helicoptered capital protesters up to 50 feet above the streets of the city, terrorizing human rights groups. I did. Army reports of the incident not only accused the flight of misuse of medical aircraft, but also showed that the guards were celebrating their overly aggressive tactics, witnesses making a deafening noise, He said he sent a piece of glass into the air. Uncovered text between The Washington Post and Brig. General Robert K. Ryan, who oversaw a controversial mission, and his unnamed subordinates on June 1 after a video of a low-flying chopper spread on social media and cable news. A few hours after tear gas disbanded a crowd of protesters near the Anglican Church of St. Johns and allowed Donald Trump to perform a Bible-holding photo shoot there, the helicopter went to 5 / E St Nw # WashingtonDC Protest. Parked above— Daniella Cheslow (@DaniellaCheslow) June 2, 2020 An unidentified subordinate told his boss in a text that night, trying to get rid of ppl with noise and wind. : “Your helicopter looks good !!!” General replied: I’m here too … amazing. I got special permission to launch. Human rights groups and military experts were furious with low maneuverability, especially as four of the five helicopters were adorned with red crosses. This means that it is intended for use in medical transport. At the time, former Army lawyer Jeffrey Korn described the tactic as “stupid,” adding that “the symbolic importance of the Red Cross is widespread, indicating the military’s” non-combatant “function.” It turns out that General Ryan did not directly order the pilot to use a helicopter to intimidate the protesters, but operations officers recalled that Ryan had declared it a “National Guard D-Day.” It was. more than usual. According to investigators, one of Ryan’s men allowed the crowd to disperse. The report concluded that the pilot and his crew acted “in good faith” and carried out the orders as they understood. According to the post, some soldiers were given administrative sanctions for the case, but were not given names and it is unclear what punishment was given. Investigators also found that Ryan’s allegations were “no evidence.” Former President Donald Trump has shown that he has “scrutinized” aggressive tactics. In a statement Wednesday, the Army said it did not violate the law and stated its decision to use the helicopter as “reasonable” for emergencies. The situation that was happening that night. Read more at The Daily Beast. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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