Pence makes a bomb speech that Trump was “wrong.”But now the difficult part is coming

Former Vice President Mike Pence finally said, finally, what he had to say.

“President Trump is wrong. I didn’t have the right to overturn the election.”

Well, Hallelujah.

Some kind.

It’s a year late and I haven’t made a vow.But he said that — and Florida gatherings It was a complete condemnation of the illegal allegations that the conservative legal group Donald Trump of the Federalist Association could have changed the outcome of the November elections as Vice President.

“The president belongs to Americans, only to Americans,” he continued. “And frankly, there is no more non-American idea than the idea that anyone can choose an American president.”

That is the basic idea. In democracy, the president belongs to the people, and the president, political parties, and factions do not belong to anyone. Such a statement of truth should not feel like the bomb has disappeared in the room.

But that’s right. And that’s because the gas lamps have been around for a long time.

Big lie does not die

It’s still happening. Mr. Trump has recently amplified his false allegations by saying that if he is elected president again, he will consider pardoning those who attacked the Capitol on January 6.Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Rejected the idea He said the deadly assault was a “riot,” and a year later the memorial was like a “Christmas” for the press.Republican National Committee Blame on friday Two Republicans who participated in the January 6 attack house investigation stated that they initially participated in “persecution of civilians engaged in legitimate political discourse,” but since then they have made sense. Hurry up and apply to the riot to correct the statement saying no.

A mob who raised the Trump flag, invaded the Capitol, terrorized the police, and chanted “Hangpence”? Those riots?

We don’t want to go outboard and give Pence too much credit. His words have been postponed for a long time, and in the meantime, the harm to the republic he professes to love was immeasurable. Members of his own party show all the signs that they want to forgive the riots and forget what happened that day.

If Pence really wants to remedy any of the damage to this country, he should now encourage other Republicans to drop the false mask.

You may find that his speech was an easy part for Pence.

But today, in this moment, we hear top-notch Republicans say that the obvious and simple truth gives us a momentary stop of pain, like a headache, with a flickering relief and a sudden stop of pain. .. Whether it’s just a moment or just so, Pence can set his own run for his presidency. We take it.

Now, how many Republicans are you listening to?