Peng Shuai, a tennis star in the midst of the #MeToo fire in China, suddenly announces his retirement from sports

Peng Shuai

“I never said that someone had sexually assaulted me,” Peng Shuai said in an interview with the French publication Ropinirole.Fredley / Getty Images

  • Tennis star Peng Shuai, at the heart of the #MeToo scandal in China, has announced that she will retire from sports.

  • Peng cited her age, “multiple surgeries”, and the COVID-19 pandemic as reasons for her retirement.

  • Peng also denied allegations of sexual assault against former Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli.

Chinese tennis star Peng ShuaiThe woman in the center of #MeToo Firestorm in progress in ChinaSuddenly announced his retirement from sports.

In an interview with French publication Requip Published on Monday, Peng is back The previous accusation she made was that former Chinese deputy prime minister Zhang Gaoli sexually assaulted her. She denied that she had been disappeared or unintentionally detained by the Chinese government.

“Sexual assault? I never said that someone had sexually assaulted me,” Penn said.

Peng (36) added that he “wants to delete” a social media post that has alleged sexual assault against Zhang.

“I would like to say that emotions, sports and politics are three very different things. The problem of my love life, my personal life should not be mixed with sports and politics,” Penn told Requip.

When asked about Her disappearance last November,prompt Aggressive campaign From the sports community To reveal her whereabouts, Peng said, “I never disappeared. Everyone could see me.”

Later, a tennis pro said she wouldn’t play professionally anymore, citing her age, “multiple surgeries”, and the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for her sudden retirement.

“Tennis has completely changed my life. It brought me joy, challenges, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye and retire,” Penn said. “I’m always a tennis player, even if I don’t compete in professional competitions.”

according to New York TimesPeng had a personal meeting with President Thomas Bach of the International Olympic Committee in Beijing over the weekend.

When asked by the Times if he intends to ask Penn to investigate allegations of previous sexual assault, Bach said, “It must be her decision. It’s her life. It’s her claim. There is. “

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