Pennsylvania Parliamentarians launch an internal investigation after Ron Johnson insists on the false paperwork of voters


After denying Senator Ron Johnson’s allegations that his office was involved in asking Vice President Mike Pence to handle the paperwork of false voters, Pennsylvania MP Kelly , Started an internal investigation into the potential involvement of his staff.

“Our current Chief of Staff has begun an internal investigation that Congressman Kelly is aware of and takes seriously,” Kelly spokesman Matt Noedler confirmed to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Wednesday afternoon. did.

Kelly’s potential role in the effort to hand over Pence’s fake voter documents from Wisconsin and Michigan minutes before Congress was set up to confirm Joe Biden’s victory on January 6, 2021 , Has been controversial in recent weeks.

Johnson maintained that fake voters documented. The text shows that his staff tried to deliver to Pence Before I was told, I came from Kelly’s office. Kelly denied the accusation.

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However, Johnson’s office provided Journal Sentinel with a screenshot of the phone record on Wednesday, with Johnson Chief of Staff Shawn Riley at 11:58 January at the number associated with former Kelly Chief of Staff Matt Stroa. Showed that he had called for 2 minutes. 6.

There is no audio of the conversation, but Johnson spokeswoman Alexa Henning told Journal Sentinel that the conversation between Riley and Stroa was “How can you get voters because Kelly’s office had voters?” “. Henning said Kelly’s office would later deliver those voters’ packets to Johnson’s office.

Journal Sentinel has not confirmed the nature of the conversation, and Knoedler has not answered follow-up questions about the phone. Calls to phone numbers, text messages, emails, and emails related to Stroia were not returned.

Stroa resigned from Kelly’s Chief of Staff in June 2021 and entered the private sector. According to the news release From time.

“Kelly’s office continues to deny what he and Senator Johnson have said, which we have never claimed,” Henning said in a statement. “As confirmed from the phone records, his former Chief of Staff spoke to us. The statement in our office is 100% accurate and true.”

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Knoedler said in a statement before the phone record was released that Kelly “is unaware of the conversation between Mr. Stroa or anyone else on his team and Senator Johnson’s staff.” rice field.He mentioned June interview On an Ohio television station where Kelly has denied knowledge of the exchange by saying he hasn’t talked to Johnson since 2011.

“And frankly, when I ask people, what does he say we did, I say,” Really? A member of Parliament in Wisconsin said with the Wisconsin election process. Why does anyone think it’s related? ā€¯Interview.

Johnson Approved last month He contacted Wisconsin lawyer Jim Troupis and his Chief of Staff by text message. 11:42 am On January 6th, about getting a document that Torpis explained about “The Electors of Wisconsin” in Pence.

Riley spoke to Johnson’s office alleged Stroier at 11:58 am, and evidence presented at the Commission’s hearing on January 6 last month was that Riley was Pence’s aide at 12:37 pm. He has shown to Chris Hodgson that Johnson has sent a text message saying that he “needs to hand over” a fake voter from Wisconsin and Michigan to the Vice President.

Still, January 6th Chairman Bennie Thompson, US Congressman I told Journal Sentinel on Tuesday Kelly’s name “did not come out” in a Commission investigation into efforts to turn Pence into a fake voter paperwork.

Mr Thompson said the Commission has no plans to further investigate Johnson’s involvement at this time. Rather, the Justice Department will investigate the wrong voter strategy.

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This article was originally published in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Mike Kelley and Ron Johnson investigating relationships with fake electoral colleges