Pentagon confirms that Americans have been beaten in Afghanistan


U.S. military officials said Americans were beaten in Afghanistan on Saturday.

The day after the military said it knew reports of an American being beaten by a Taliban terrorist, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said: “

“We don’t think it’s too many, and they and most Americans with their qualifications are allowed to go through the Taliban checkpoints,” he added.

Amazing admission comes when the U.S. Embassy warns Americans to travel to a U.S.-owned airport in Kabul, where thousands of people are trying to escape the country before the U.S. military leaves. I did.

The United States is openly working with the Taliban to promote evacuation, with Taliban militants controlling all ground around the outer walls of the airport.

President Joe Biden said Friday that the United States is “in constant contact” with the Taliban, which has been designated as a terrorist group by many countries.

The U.S. military chose not to operate primarily outside the airport, and Americans and Afghans decided to protect themselves until they arrived at the facility.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told parliamentarians on Friday’s phone call that violence against Americans was “unacceptable,” Kirby told Saturday.

And the US commander delivered the same message to the Taliban commander, he said.

“I think we’ve been in contact with the Taliban for quite some time last week, and we certainly have revealed our concerns,” Kirby said.

According to a military spokesman, the words were not filtered from the Taliban leadership to all individual militants.

“What seems to be happening is that not all Taliban fighters understood the word or decided to follow it,” he said.

Revelation came when more and more Republicans demanded more decisive action from the Biden administration, which both parties said failed to withdraw from Afghanistan.

“Instead of going out and taking the Taliban hostage, the United States is currently the seventh and eighth days of the Afghan hostage crisis for us,” military veteran Brian Mast, a Republican, told Fox. rice field. Friday news. “And you can’t safely kick people out until you bring that scenario back to its previous state.”

“Biden’s failure to withdraw from Afghanistan is endangering the lives of thousands of Americans behind the enemy,” Senator Rick Scott, Florida, trying to impeach Biden on Twitter. Added. “The Taliban beat the Americans, but Biden still depends and trusts them. He is incompetent, hingeless, inconsistent, and ineligible.”

Military officials said the focus was on keeping the airport safe and evacuating those who could get there.

“The military mission we are currently carrying out is a non-combatant evacuation operation,” Kirby said. “We are fighting both time and space. That is the race we are in now,” he added later.

Zachary Stieber

Zachary Stieber covers US news, including politics and proceedings. He started in The Epoch Times as a metro reporter for New York City.