People upset by the loss of freedom share why they support a large truck convoy

Support for the movement is growing rapidly as truck drivers and other supporters on both coasts continue to drive towards Ottawa due to a protest at the Capitol scheduled for January 29. ..

Trucks from Prince-Through Part and Vancouver, called Freedom Convoy 2022, began trekking east on January 22 and 23, respectively, while another group from Newfoundland began their journey west. January 25.. Other trucks and private cars will continue to participate along the way.

A GoFundMe Created to help drivers with fuel, food and accommodation, the page has raised over $ 5.2 million at the time of issuance and has nearly 68,000 donors.

Those who want to help truck drivers take part in a trip to Ottawa with their own car or provide help with cheers, signs and banners at strategic locations along the highway.

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A sign in front of one of the trucks participating in the Freedom Convoy 2022 in Winnipeg, Manitoba on January 25, 2022. (Melissa Peleperkin)

12th grade Rowanstone drove from his home in Cranbrook, British Columbia to Golden, British Columbia for three hours. So I waited another two hours for the truck to pass by and the homemade sign for my support flashing.

Diagnosed with an autoimmune disease last year, she opposes the government’s vaccination obligations, loses friends because of her stance, and is just as valuable to her because she has not been vaccinated. I have lost.

“I found out that I needed vaccination to go to Prom this year,” Stone told The Epoch Times. “And my mother hasn’t been vaccinated, so I can’t even come to my graduation ceremony.”

Moores Produce in Listowel, Ontario is driving the movement of truck drivers. Since Moores is a small truck company and can’t afford to have its drivers join the convoy, general manager Dave Nicholson told The Epoch Times that his company could show support through donations to the GoFundMe campaign. ..

“We just support fellow truck drivers,” Nicholson said. “As a sign of solidarity, we felt we should be behind them about their mission to gain independence and make sure they all have work. So we are behind them. I’m 100%. “

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Proponents of Freedom Convoy 2022 will support truck drivers participating in Convoy on January 25, 2022 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. (Laura Lynne Tyler Thompson)

Sean Tiessen is one of the BC organizers of Canada Unity, one of the organizations behind the convoy and participates in trekking. When he was more than 100 km west of Winnipeg, Tiesen told The Epoch Times that there was heavy traffic. By the time the truck arrived in Headingley, just outside Winnipeg, the truck was barely able to move.

“It was gridlock. It was amazing gridlock,” Tiessen said. “I’ve never loved traffic so much in my life. And there are people parked next to me, they’re all cheering, there’s nothing negative. Everything is positive.”

Teesen describes the convoy as more than a truck driver standing for their freedom, but as a citizen standing unitedly for the freedom of all those affected by the vaccine obligations. Did.

“We want people to be represented and not forget or overlook the problem,” he said. “The madness of this duty, that’s why we’re doing this. Make sure everyone is aware of all this and the problems it’s causing to people. We want to show them everything we are there for them. We will do everything we can. “

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As they pass through Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on January 24, 2022, supporters will support the truck driver of Freedom Convoy 2022. (Melissa Peleperkin)

Meanwhile, in Newfoundland, Chad Carnew helped organize a group of 12 state truck drivers who left for Ottawa early in the morning of January 25, and when they arrived on the mainland, others. I planned to get involved. Canada’s easternmost state is an island facing restrictions on agriculture and other industries, and relies heavily on truck drivers to carry food and supplies, Carnew said in an interview.

“We are standing up for freedom to regain freedom,” Carnew said. “Because we are on the island, we have no choice but to support the movement. It was difficult for farmers to actually farm here. Therefore, we rely on the support of other farmers throughout Canada for food. Is delivered to us. “

Melissa Perepelkin worked for the federal government. Like Stone, she hasn’t been vaccinated and is no longer working for the government. As the convoy passed through Saskatoon, she witnessed to support the convoy. January 24, And optimistically, it makes a difference when you reach Parliament Hill.

“I’m glad that people have finally stood up. Many of us have hope for the entire convoy,” said Peleperkin. “When they arrive in Ottawa, they want to put enough pressure on the government, along with public social pressure, to force change in the government.”

January 25, Canada Freedom Convoy 2022 The Instagram page has grown from more than 60,000 followers to more than 100,000 within eight hours. Facebook page title Convoy to Ottawa 2022 As of January 26th, we have more than 600,000 followers.

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Jeff Sandes is a freelance contributor to The Epoch Times based in the Vancouver area.