People Vaccinated Dogs to Fight COVID-19 in Chile: Officials

According to local reports, Chilean veterinarians have injected dog vaccines into people and confessed that they would protect them from the Chinese Communist Party virus.

Maria Fernandam Noss of Calama has been accused by health officials in Chile for administering shots to at least 70 people in late 2020, and she will immunize them against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus (also known as a novel). Coronavirus that I said.

“When we arrived on the premises and saw the unmasked staff, we consulted them. They said we were vaccinated against COVID-19 by a veterinarian (Munoz). .. [Chile] I didn’t have the vaccine yet.It was last year, “said Antofagasta, Under Secretary of Health Roxana Diaz recently. Said Chile’s national news channel 24 Horas.

According to local Spanish media, she injected 70-75 people, leaving 90 dog vaccines remaining.

Munos admitted to 24 Holas that he had self-managed dog shots. Authorities did not say what kind of dog vaccine it was.

The Associated Press said this happened before the COVID-19 vaccine was approved for use in Chile.

“If the vaccine is terrible [then why] Did it do nothing to me? Why not use Seremi de Salud [regional health authority] Come and test my blood to see if there are antibodies [against the CCP virus]?? According to local media reports, Munos asked rebelliously. She confirmed that she had given the dog vaccine to four people.

Authorities said another veterinarian was identified as Carlos Pardo.

Munos’ secretary said she and her family had no problems after vaccination of the dog.

“My husband in the company he works for … was with those people, and he wasn’t infected with the vaccine the doctor gave him,” the unnamed secretary said by a local outlet. I was told.

Munoz was fined about $ 10,300 and Pardo was fined $ 9,200, officials told AP.

“We did some research on humans and published it on (social media) networks to sell dog vaccines and make them available for humans,” Diaz said.

“The truth is, it’s very dangerous,” said Diaz, according to the AP. “Some studies have said that the effects can be local-the irritation caused by the drugs it has-or systemic. But because it is unethical, vaccination of dogs We are not researching what will happen. “