Perez Family Foundation Launches Second Round Grant for Miami-Dade Art Program

CreARTE Grant Funded by Perez Family Foundation I’m back in the second round for over $ 1.5 million for a local cultural organization. The program was launched in 2019 to support South Florida arts, artist fellowship, access to and education of residency.

Public offering application It will start on Monday and will be pre-suggested on May 28th.

“Our main goal is to provide quality art programming to all residents of the community and make Miami a place that continues to be known for its artistic excellence,” said Perez Family Foundation Executive Director. Belissa Alvarez says. The Foundation has partnered with the Miami Foundation to manage grants.

In the first cycle of the grant, 23 local groups, including the Adrian Arstop Performing Arts Center, Miami City Ballet, and Miami Book Fair, were awarded grants ranging from $ 25,000 to $ 200,000. Awards are given every two years.

The Foundation expects fewer people to receive the grant, but Alvarez said the amount of the grant will increase this year.

With a $ 100,000 CreARTE grant, Bookfair was able to launch a fellowship program for up-and-coming writers. Grants of the same size helped the local nonprofit Guitars Over Guns enhance its after-school arts education program.

The Foundation selects applicants through an internal committee in addition to a dozen external evaluators, including artists and art teachers, in the past. Applicants will be notified in the week of June 28th if they move to Phase 2. Winners will be announced in the fall. In the first iteration of the grant, there were about 200 applications.

Ann Information webinar It is scheduled for noon on May 5th. The grant application form is

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