Personal Trainer Who Helped Client Lose Fat and Gain Muscle in 8 Months Explains How She Did It

hayley cologne

Left: Colon at program start. Right: colon at 8 months old.Courtesy of Stephanie Zengas

  • Personal trainer Stephanie Tsengas says she helped her client, Haley Colon, burn fat and build muscle in eight months.

  • She said that Zengas first had Koron master the basics and then made a little progress each week.

  • She said she divided her workout into push, pull, and leg exercises to affect every part of her body.

According to personal trainer Stephanie Tsengas, 21-year-old Hailey Cologne struggled with self-confidence when she first stepped into the gym. Cleveland-based trainer At our first meeting a year ago, Corron was nervous about how to start exercising, but wanted to lose fat, build muscle and feel more confident in his body.

Tsengas used Colon’s goals to create a twice-weekly workout plan. This plan affects the whole body and then builds up gradually for the best results. Colon said Tsengas often pushed her beyond her own comfort zone, but showed how capable her body was.

Not only did Corron exceed Tsengas’ expectations in eight months, but in addition to working with him, he gained the confidence to go to the gym on his own consistently two to three times a week.

Stephanie Zengas

Tsengas said adding a little weight each week and doing more reps is how she and her clients see results.Courtesy of Olivia Wenger/Stephanie Zengas

Corron first mastered the basics

A gym newbie, Tsengas said Colon’s initial program focused on mastering basic exercise techniques. I said I started the colon on the machine.

Tzengas met with Colon two days a week. According to her, this is the average amount most people commit. Colon wasn’t aiming to build a specific muscle, so Zengas said it was an effective way to break down the workout into push, pull, and legs to make sure you hit every part of your body. According to Zengas, Koron did push-pull exercises on one day and put his feet on another.

Push exercises primarily target the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Tsengas started the colon with push exercises like chest presses, chest flyes, shoulder presses, dumbbell lateral raises, front raises, rear delt flyes, and cable triceps pushdowns.

According to Zengas, pull exercises primarily target your back and biceps. According to her, lat-her pulldowns, single-arm dumbbell rows, pull-ups, and bicep curls were all part of Colon’s first program.Colon leg day included exercises like squat, hip thrust, Lunges, leg extensions, leg curls, she said.

Zengas added little by little each week

Tsengas said he sees Colon making a little progress each week. Gradually she moved off the machine and Corron wrote down her workouts so she could add to them session by session.

“Whether it’s just an extra rep, an extra set, a different tempo, or a different weight, it’s always about increasing,” she said.

According to Tzengas, the concept is progressive overload, This is when you continually increase the physical demands on your body in order to maximize your benefits.

Colon said there were many moments when she felt the workout might be too much for her, but she was often surprised by how ready her body was. He said that when he saw how much progress he was making, he immediately gained confidence.

Zengas also targeted specific muscle groups that Colon was interested in working on, such as the shoulders and glutes.

Corron says she started seeing more muscle definition at about two months, but noticed the most obvious fat loss and muscle gain when Tsengas was photographed at eight months. I was. Corron said her confidence in the gym has also grown after seeing how effective the program is. She has been training at Zengas for over a year.

hayley cologne

Left: Corron at 0 weeks Right: Corron at 8 monthsCourtesy of Stephanie Zengas

Consistency and commitment are essential

Consistency is the most important part of starting an exercise program, says Tsengas. Sticking to the program through mental and physical blocks is Colon’s biggest challenge, she said.

Colon said training with Tsengas has taught him that progress is often slow, but having confidence in himself and his body has made him trust the process.

“From when I first started with her until now, I’ve seen a lot of changes that I’m very happy with.

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