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Prosecutors said Chauvin’s “heart was too small” caused Floyd to die after being sued by a jury.

After the jury / Jane Rosenberg Derek Chauvin’s murder trial was over, prosecutors claimed that George Floyd’s deadly arrest by former Minneapolis police officers was a “murder” rather than a “control” Had a closing discussion on Monday. The prosecutor told a jury in Hennepin County Court on Monday that the decision to push his knees into the neck of a 46-year-old black man, repeatedly saying that Shovin couldn’t breathe, was unjust and inhumane. The problem is that George Floyd died because Mr. Chauvin’s heart was too small, “said special counsel Jerry Blackwell on Monday, just before the case was sent to 12 juries. .. Better; he didn’t work when Floyd was arrested on May 25 for a fake $ 20 bill. ” “what [Chauvin] It’s not policing.what [Chauvin] “His badge wasn’t in the right place that day. He wasn’t tried on who he was. He was on trial for what he did,” Schleicher claimed. “I chose pride over the police,” Chauvin added. In closing arguments that lasted 2 hours and 47 minutes, defense counsel Eric Nelson claimed that Chauvin was distracted while dealing with rising anger from bystanders, and Floyd took a breath. I didn’t realize I stopped. “A rational police officer will hear frustration growing … an increase in voice volume … will hear a name call … they take it into consideration. “Nelson said. “Executives are people who can make mistakes in very stressful situations.” “There is no evidence that Chauvin has intentionally and intentionally applied illegal force,” Nelson insisted. .. After four weeks of testimony in a basin trial. During the trial, the prosecutor said that Chauvin, 45, ignored Floyd’s dozens of charges and knelt his head for a total of “9 minutes and 29 seconds” over $ 20, suspected of being counterfeit. He claimed to the members that he had “betrayed” his badge. building. During his arrest, Floyd shouted that he couldn’t breathe a staggering 27 breaths before losing consciousness. Chauvin said, “I just listened to him and mocked him. [saying] “It takes a lot of oxygen to complain,” Schleicher said. “George Floyd struggled desperately to breathe to make enough space in his chest to breathe, but he was too powerful. He is the same as the men who held him down. So trapped under him in a solid pavement, “Schleicher said. “A grown-up man is crying for his mother. The prosecutor called 38 witnesses in 11 days, including five current and former police officers and Chauvin’s training and department protocol. Included was the Minneapolis Police Department chief, who said he used excessive force in violation of the law. Three medical experts concluded that Floyd had died of hypoxia or arrhythmia due to Chauvin’s actions during his arrest. In addition, several bystanders, family and friends of Floyd gave emotional witnesses for several days: arrhythmias, heart attacks, drug overdose, death or accident due to underlying illness. “The government has filed a very strong lawsuit. I considered the witnesses of the chief and other officers that the unit was not authorized or was part of it. [the] The training was very effective. In these cases, there was rarely testimony from non-expert police officers in custody. Mating witnesses to the use of force had little effect, “Washington lawyer Jonathan Smith, secretary-general of the Citizenship and Urban Affairs Commission, told The Daily Beast. He simply did “he was trained throughout his 19-year career” and called seven witnesses in two days, focusing on Floyd’s previous health problems and alternative explanations for his death. Chauvin refused to testify about his defense and exercised the rights of Article 5 of the Constitutional Amendment. On Monday, Nelson compared the criminal case with baking chocolate cookies, emphasizing the high level of reasonable suspicion. “An alien jumped in and lived in Derek Chauvin’s body, causing this death.” Nelson said, “it’s fantasy.” The lawyer then focused on two important points. Nelson urged the jury to look into the entire case, not just nine minutes when Chauvin held his knees around Floyd’s neck. “We can’t limit it to 9 minutes and 29 seconds, but it started nearly 17 minutes early.” Defense lawyers said several factors, including carbon monoxide poisoning from police cars and drug overdose, were factors in Floyd’s. He claimed that he may have contributed to his death. Smith, a former employee of the Ministry of Justice’s civil rights department and also led an independent investigation into the death of Eliya McLean by police in Colorado, said Nelson’s defense was “Defense Expert in the Chauvin Trial: George. Floyd’s knees were “justified” and did not cause any pain “Whether Mr. Floyd’s heart is hypertrophied, controversy over blood levels of carbon monoxide poisoning should be avoided for prosecution But it’s unclear if that will be of great importance in the end, “he said, saying that police cases are rarely convicted. “Given the very strong state proceedings, we still don’t know what the jury will do.” The idea of ​​causing confusion in court seems to suggest prosecutors witnesses of defense. Floyd, who also caused the slow drama when accused of, may have died of carbon monoxide poisoning. A police car contributing to Floyd’s death on Thursday by renowned pulmonologist Martin Tobin, who testified to his lungs “as a surgeon went in” because Floyd’s airflow was so restricted. Last minute to refute the strange idea of ​​exhaust gas. This idea was put forward by court pathologist David Fowler, without data or test results. Tobin’s testimony also came after prosecutors stated that they had obtained test results just before “blood gas measurements” that indicate normal carbon monoxide levels in floyd. Andrew Baker, a coroner in Hennepin County who performed Floyd’s autopsy, also said that a 46-year-old woman died of “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement autopsy, detention, and neck compression”, heart disease, fentanyl. The use of methamphetamine was “another serious condition”. Mike Laura, an associate professor at the University of New Haven and a former prosecutor, added that Floyd’s cause of death. He added to The Daily Beast that the defense “expert witnesses did not actually undermine the state’s case-and” strengthened it to some extent. ” The defense seemed to focus on instilling suspicion, but the prosecutor relied heavily on emotional testimony and trauma caused many to see the jury’s deep Floyd’s death. “The most moving and burning part of the trial was witnesses. Their testimony was compelling and influential. The trauma he experienced when he saw Floyd killed and Chauvin. The feeling of helplessness that I felt couldn’t be stopped was clearly communicated, “Smith said. An MMA fighter who not only provided her help, but also tried to explain that Chauvin’s strangler fig was blocking Floyd’s circulation. Several teenagers and a nine-year-old girl also testified how Floyd was “out of breath” and begged police to stop. MMA fighter Donald Williams, who heard in a viral video screaming at Chauvin to release Floyd, testified during the trial. In the end, Williams said Floyd “disappeared like a sack of fish” before he lost consciousness. Chauvin kept an eye on the defense table when the prosecutor played a viral video to the jury on Monday. Schleicher clapping his hand to the lecture on Monday before claiming to the jury that “the day wasn’t courageous,” while Floyd begged for his life in front of a stranger. “George Floyd begged until he couldn’t speak anymore, and the defendant continued this assault.” “I didn’t need courage. All I needed was a little compassion and nothing was shown that day. It was, “added the prosecutor. Throughout the trial, the jury also took a peek at how the thin blue lines in Minneapolis were actually cracked. In addition to sharp criticism of Chauvin’s actions by police chief Medalia Aradondo, some current and former police officers have all opposed the use of force. First of all, he isn’t required to lie face down on the ground and hang his knees around his neck during that time, “said Richard, the longest-serving officer in Chauvin’s former division. Lieutenant Zimmerman testified. “I didn’t know why the policeman felt at risk, but defense tried to smooth out the clear signal that Chauvin had been abandoned by his former companions, and former policeman Barry Vance. He put the Brod forward. He claimed that the former law enforcement agency’s knee restraint on Floyd was not a “use of force” but a “control technique” because it did not cause pain. Laura believes the prosecution did a “good job,” but the defense pierced the theory that Chauvin caused Floyd’s death unfairly, but the question is now up to the judge. .. An isolated jury determines if Chauvin is guilty of two murders, three murders, and two manslaughter. Twelve juries say that Chauvin caused Floyd’s death. You must agree unanimously. He did harm and acted unfairly as a police officer by not following the training of the Minneapolis police. “It’s clear to me that Chauvin is hoping to go to jail someday. The time he spends there is in the hands of this jury,” Laura said in defense. I added it. [is] Reasonable doubt. Read more on The Daily Beast. Did you get a hint? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.