Pete Buttigieg fully responds to Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green’s ill-conceived complaint


manager marjorie taylor green (R-Ga.) recently attacked the Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg Because they are trying to “castrate the way we drive”. When asked about her remarks, he said he could hardly understand her complaints.

Green at a rally for former President Donald Trump in Michigan on Saturday grabbed “Democrats like Pete Buttigieg want to cripple the way we drive and force everyone to rely on electric vehicles.”

Appearing on Fox News on Tuesday, host Neil Cavout asked Buttigieg what he thought of the comments.

“I literally don’t even understand what that means,” Buttigieg said. doesn’t matter.”

“It was a strange thing to say,” he added. “Honestly, there are other members of Congress that I pay more attention to when I think about opinions that really matter and ideas that make it important for me to get involved.”

green, who recent headlines I previously targeted the Secretary of Transportation with bizarre and pointless homophobia for saying Pride Month “needs to end.” March, She told Trump rally attendees In Georgia, “Pete Buttigieg can bring in an electric car and a bike so he and his husband can stay out of our girls’ bathrooms.” she said “Moms and dads have been replaced by Chasten and Pete Buttigieg and their designer babies. Our society is sick.”

She also seems obsessed with traditional definitions of masculinity. in July, she complained “Awakened training” in the U.S. military means that “toxic masculinity is completely unacceptable,” and “I think toxic masculinity will be the number one requirement for signing up.”

greens The disturbing history of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric Cataloged by the GLAAD Accountability Project.

This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.