Pete Davidson reveals why he is so popular with women

Pete Davidson finally shared his own insights into the questions that came to everyone – what about this seemingly ordinary 28-year-old that makes him so fascinating?

A comedian from Staten Island, New York, has dated many successful and beautiful women over the past decade, including Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Phoebe Dy Never, and more recently Kim Kardashian.

Independent At the end of last year, he conducted his own research on Davidson’s complaint and found that countless reasons were likely the cause of his success.

These include his forgiveness about the fight for mental health, his candid approach to dating, and his declaration that being with a woman who is more successful than him is “totally comfortable.” It is included.

Now, the beating of the modern heart gave his own opinion on why he is so popular among women, and that is not far from our conclusion.

During the 9 o’clock setth At the annual Patrice O’Neal Comedy Benefits Concert at the New York City Center theater last week, Davidson compared himself to a discounted DVD movie.

“I seem curious. That’s what my friends are telling me.” Saturday night live The comedian told the audience, as reported by US Weekly..

“I was interviewing and was trying to find a way to explain myself to someone.”

The comedian used the movie analogy in the bargain bin of the DVD store. Some belong to the bottle, while others are widely loved and steal people who find them at a discounted price.

Quoted movies including Predator 2, Shrek Forever After When Tropic Thunder, Davidson clarified it Tropic Thunder (Read: Davidson himself) is “classical”, which means it “does not belong” to the trash.

“Me Tropic Thunder.. I’m a diamond in the trash, “he said. “It’s stealing.”

His comments come a few days after Kardashian’s estranged husband, Kanye West, released a new single that references Davidson.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians and reports of Davidson’s love affair first surfaced in November. At that time, it was discovered that they left the car together and held hands briefly.

At that time, Davidson also wore pajamas bottoms from the businessman’s skims underwear line.

Since then, they have noticed a series of dates and enjoyed a vacation to the Bahamas together earlier this month.

In his song “Eazy,” released on January 15, West threatened to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

“God saved me from that crash / just as I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass,” West raps the song.