Pete Davidson skips Jeff Bezos rocket ride into space

New York (AP) —Pete Davidson bows from a short ride into space with Jeff Bezos’ rocket.

Bezos’ space travel company said Thursday night that the “Saturday Night Live” star couldn’t fly nearly a week late. No other details are provided.

society Earlier this week, Davidson announced that he would be one of the six passengers on Blue Origin’s next flight... Scheduled for next Wednesday, the company said it was shifted to March 29 for further testing.

Davidson was the third celebrity to climb in an automatic capsule of Blue Origin on a 10-minute flight from western Texas. Actor William Shatner Former NFL co-host of the great “Good Morning America” Michael Strahan boarded the plane last year. Bezos was on his company’s first flight with his passengers last July.

The company announced that it will announce a replacement for Davidson to join five paying passengers in the coming days. Davidson went as a guest of Bezos. The company has not disclosed ticket prices for paying customers.

Davidson, who is currently dating reality star Kim Kardashian, starred in the semi-autobiographical film The King of Staten Island, which was released in 2020.