Pets protected by domestic violence orders in New South Wales

Pets victims of domestic violence in New South Wales (NSW) will be more protected from abuse under the new law that companion animals will also be protected when ordered to domestic violence. Will be.

Pet protection is now a condition of the domestic violence arrest order (ADVO) after the reform passed parliament last November, said Mark Speakman, Attorney General and Minister of Domestic Violence Prevention in New South Wales. Said that it would be.

“Perpetrators often use animals to extort or control victims, injure or kill pets to maintain relationships, or threaten to leave as punishment,” Speakman said on Monday. Said in a statement.

“This atrocities and manipulations can scare victims of their effects on their beloved animals and thus delay or prevent them from leaving the violent situation. Reform aims to help protect ourselves from this abominable form of abuse, “he said.

Epoch Times Photo
Perpetrators often threaten to hurt animals to control their victims. (Ariana Ares / Unsplash)

Domestic violence chief NSW Delia Donovan said the perpetrators could take pets hostage and gain control, killing or injuring animals.

“These reforms are essential to improving the safety of those who are experiencing domestic violence, and we sincerely support them,” said Donovan.

Steve Coleman, CEO of RSPCANSW, said this was a long delay from the state government and animals in situations of domestic violence were not recognized as suitable for too long.

“We are happy to see the opportunity to be equipped with change and more services to help people and help animals live free from violence and abuse,” Coleman said. I did.

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