Pfizer and Modana Raise COVID-19 Vaccine Price in EU: Financial Times


Pfizer and Moderna have raised the price of the COVID-19 vaccine in the latest European Union supply contract, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

The new price for Pfizer Shot was € 19.50 ($ 23.15) compared to the previous € 15.50 ($ 18.40), citing some of the contracts seen.

According to the contract, the price of the Moderna vaccine was $ 25.50 per dose, up from about € 19 ($ 22.5) in the initial procurement contract, but lower than the previously agreed $ 28.50 due to more orders. increase. problem.

The European Commission said on Tuesday that the EU is on the road to achieving its goal of fully immunizing at least 70 percent of the adult population by the end of summer.

The EU said in May that it plans to vaccinate more than a billion times from four pharmaceutical companies by the end of September.

Pfizer and Modana were not immediately available to comment on Reuters.

By Sabahatjahan Contractor