Pfizer Jab’s effectiveness against COVID-19 infection reduced to 64%: Israeli Ministry of Health

The ability of the Pfizer / BioNTech mRNA vaccine to prevent infection and prevent symptomatic COVID-19 has dropped to 64%, the Israeli government announced late Monday. There was also a slight reduction in the effectiveness of the vaccine in hospitalization and prevention of more serious illnesses.

A decline in efficacy was observed as the Delta variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus spread throughout the country.

In particular, the efficacy rate of the Pfizer vaccine against infectious and symptomatic diseases was 94.5% from May 2nd to June 5th, but dropped to 64% from June 6th to early July. Ynet news Reported by citing figures from the Ministry of Health.

Vaccine efficacy in hospitalization and prevention of serious illness starts from 98.2 percent from May 2nd to June 5th 93 percent From June 6th to July 3rd, the outlet reported.

Anyone who comes into contact with someone who tests positive for the CCP virus, including those who have been vaccinated, should be tested. Said..

The Epoch Times is asking Pfizer for comment.

According to Reuters, a Pfizer spokesperson declined to comment on data from Israel, but vaccine-induced antibodies were able to neutralize all tested variants, including Delta, albeit at a reduced intensity. Cited other studies showing.

About 60% of Israel’s population of about 9.3 million has received at least one Pfizer vaccine. Reports of new CCP virus cases dropped from more than 10,000 per day in January to single digits last month.

Israel has since relaxed almost all social distance restrictions and mask obligations, but the latter has recently been partially re-imposed.

Since then, the daily number of cases has gradually increased, reaching 344 cases on July 4. The number of serious illnesses increased from 21 on June 19th to 35 on July 4th. data From the province.

In late June, officials leading the Israeli government’s expert advisory board said about half of the adults who caught COVID-19 were completely vaccinated with Pfizer shots during the outbreak of delta mutations in the country. I did.

Official Ran Balicer said about 90% of new infections were caused by the Delta variant.

The delta mutant, first identified in India at the end of last year, is highly contagious compared to previous strains, officials from multiple countries said. This variant spread rapidly throughout India earlier this year and has since spread to dozens of countries.

Researchers say that the Delta variant More or less deadly Than other variants of the virus.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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