Philippine C-130 military aircraft crashed. 40 people were rescued

Manila, Philippines (AP) —Philippine Air Force C-130 aircraft carrying troops crashed in a southern state on Sunday after missing a runway, rescued at least 40 people from burning debris, military chief Said.

Chief of Staff Cirilito Sobejana did not immediately say how many people were on board and if there were any casualties after the crash at landing just before noon in the village of Bangkal in the mountainous town of Patikul in Sulu. ..

According to Sobejana, the plane was transporting troops from the southern part of Cagayan de Oro. Government troops have fought against Abu Sayyaf’s militants for decades, primarily in the Islamic province of Sul.

“That’s very disappointing,” Sobejana told reporters. “The plane missed the runway and tried to regain power, but failed and crashed.”

Sobejana said at least 40 people on board were taken to the hospital and the troops were trying to save the rest.

The cause of the crash was not immediately apparent.

It’s raining in the central Philippines, but it wasn’t immediately clear if the weather in the Sul area was affected. The airport in Hololive, the main town of Sulu, is a few kilometers (miles) from the mountains where the troops fought Abu Sayyaf. Some militants work with Islamic State groups.

The United States and the Philippines have individually blacklisted Abu Sayyaf as a bombing, ransom kidnapping, and prime minister terrorist organization. It has been significantly weakened by years of government attacks, but remains a threat.

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