Philippines Duterte seeks Senate seat and avoids fighting daughter

Manila — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte withdrew from political retirement on Monday, avoiding clashing with his daughter for the Vice President just hours before the 2022 election deadline, delaying the Senate bid It started.

Sarah Zimmermann Carpio is set to vie for the Vice President and father to the Senator, despite the last effort to convince supporters to succeed his father. Influence over the last 6 years.

Duterte said he would quit politics after resigning from the president last month, and voters continued to speculate on the intentions of both him and his daughter until the deadline for a candidate change on Monday.

Once their decision is made, the spotlight of the presidency could shift to a person with the same name as the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

“This seals Marcos’ position as a front runner in this race,” said Richard Haydarian, a political writer, columnist and scholar.

“Since Sarah hasn’t participated in the race, this race is all about defeating Marcos.”

Duterte Carpio, 43, was told to run for president after leading all polls this year with priority candidates. Marcos says she wants to be his running mate. It could significantly boost his candidacy.

Analysts suggested that the Duterte family might look for prominent posts to prevent political revenge after the president’s resignation.

Philippine elections
On November 15, 2021, a vehicle carrying a picture of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (R) and his daughter, Mayor of Davao Sarah Zimmermann, passed outside the election committee in Manila, Philippines. (Aaron Favila / AP Photo)

Political dynasty

Former Senator Marcos is part of the Philippines’ most famous dynasty, with his mother Imelda and sister Immy serving as members of parliament, governor, and senator.

In next year’s elections, the Duterte dynasty will also take shape, showing that the president’s two sons are running for parliament and mayor.

Rodrigo Duterte is forbidden to seek re-election as president.

Marcos Jr.’s candidacy for the presidential election aroused anger among the victims of the brutal era of his father’s commandments, but as he knows, “bonbon” or “BBM” The next year he led a new poll on whether to take over Duterte, with a lead that overwhelms his rivals.

Marcos, who received 47% of support in a Social Weather Stations poll commissioned by the Stratbase Institute three weeks ago, asked respondents who to vote for as president.

Opinion polls show that incumbent Vice President Leni Robredo is 18%, Manila Mayor Francisco Domagoso is 13%, and boxing icon Manny Pacquiao is 9%. I showed that I was there.

The poll did not include Duterte’s closest aide, Christopher “Bong” Go, who only participated in the presidential election on Saturday.

The 110 million Southeast Asian countries will hold elections in May 2022, from presidents to governors, mayors and local civil servants.

Karen Rema