Philip’s death left a “huge blank” in the Queen’s life

London (AP) — The death of Prince Phillip left a “big gap” in the life of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Prince Andrew said on Sunday. husband.

Andrew, the third of the couple’s four children, attended the Church of the Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor with other members of the royal family two days after the death of 99-year-old Philip at Windsor Castle. ..

Andrew said his mother “explained that he left a big gap in his life.”

“We almost lost the country’s grandfather,” he said. “And I feel very sorry and supportive of my mother. She probably feels it more than anyone else.”

His younger brother, Prince Edward, called Philip’s death a “terrible shock,” but the 94-year-old Queen said he was “bearing.” Edward’s wife, Sophie, said the monarch was “thinking about others in front of him.”

Both the palace and government officials urged people not to come directly to pay homage because of the coronavirus’s restrictions on social mixing. But on Sunday, hundreds of people brought notes, cards, and flowers to the gates of Windsor Castle, 20 miles (32 km) west of London, while others paid tribute to the outside of Buckingham Palace, the British capital. ..

Neil Rafton, the founder of the Penny-Farthing Club, rode an antique bike to the palace gates to pay tribute.

“I think there are some important things to do. 99 years of life and more than 70 years of service deserve some recognition,” he said.

Philip’s funeral will take place on April 17th at Windsor Castle. In the UK, under current coronavirus regulations, only 30 people can attend, but the streamlined service will be broadcast live on television.

Prince Harry, Philip’s grandson, who resigned from the royal family last year and now lives in California, will attend worship services with other members of the royal family, palace officials said. His wife, Megan, and the Duchess of Sussex are pregnant and her doctor advised her not to travel.

Members of the royal family said they were grateful to people all over Britain and around the world for their compliments and good wishes to Philip, who was the Queen’s spouse and supporter through her marriage for over 70 years. It was.

Prince Edward, 57, said that “extraordinary” compliments have great implications for the royal family.

“He may have been our father, grandfather, father-in-law, but he had great implications for many others,” he said.

Andrew, 61, who hasn’t received much public attention since 2019 in a dispute over friendship with the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, also praises “absolutely wonderful compliments.” did.