Phoenix police officer shot by man in patrol car exiting convenience store, leading to assault arrest

Phoenix authorities released footage Thursday of a man shooting a gun. police officer In the police car right after talking to them outside the convenience store.

The incident occurred on October 27 outside a convenience store in the 59th Street and Buckeye Road area, Phoenix Police said. Two police officers left the store and were on their way to their patrol car when a man spoke to them.

The officers got into the car and the man continued to talk to them through the driver’s side window. Surveillance footage caught the vehicle retreating from the parking lot when the suspect pulled out a gun and fired a shot that hit the ground.

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Then he pointed his weapon at the policeman, fired another shot, the police said. The second shot put the vehicle in the spotlight, police said. Authorities said the man ran into the store with a gun.

Officers are seen chasing him with weapons and ordering him to be handcuffed to the floor. He kneels with his hands up in the air.


As the suspect lies face down on the floor, both officers appear to hit him over the head with their weapons.

“Idiot—” I hear an officer say. “What is your problem?”

“I’m going to blow your head off,” the officer says after a while.

As the man lay on the floor, appearing to move in pain, one of the officers kicked him in the back. The suspect was taken to a hospital and put in jail after suffering unspecified injuries.

Both officers were unharmed. One has been in the police for less than a year and he has been in the police for six years.


A store clerk recorded the deletion on his mobile phone, and the authorities also made it public.

Administrative and criminal investigations into both the incident and the officers’ actions are ongoing, officials said. The survey results are Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.