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Earth-traveling climate envoy Kelly visits China for the first time with the Biden team

John Kerry became the first senior official of the Biden administration to land in China this week. He is also the first person to sit with a series of world leaders. Important reason: Kelly may no longer be Secretary of State, but at a glance at his calendar, it is permissible to think about other things. The extraordinary role could make Kelly a multiplier for President Biden’s foreign policy power, or potentially a source of mixed messages. Stay up to date with the latest market trends and economic insights at Axios Markets. Driving Free Subscription News: Kelly, as Presidential Climate Envoy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, President Emmanuel Macron of France, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh, Mohammed bin Zayed of UAE I have already met with senior officials such as the Crown Prince. While in New Delhi last week, he spoke with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who was also visiting. The meeting fell when Kelly and Lavrov began discussing Iran’s nuclear deal, which helped negotiate in 2015, and when Russia was building troops on the Ukrainian border-which topic they discussed. It’s unclear, but Kelly is a senior Chinese official with a portfolio that extends far beyond climate this week, yet he may tend to keep his focus narrow. Kelly argued that climate change coordination should be maintained apart from tensions with Beijing on other issues. The big picture: Kelly’s itinerary reflects the fact that climate policy decisions are ultimately made by the head of state, says Axios climate reporter Andrew Friedman. They are also a sign that Biden is prioritizing this issue. As he travels around the world, Kelly’s height, relationships with many major global players, and close relationships with the president may prove Biden’s key assets, but there is room for confusion. for. A spokesman for the State Department was recently asked by a curious diplomat to explain where Kelly fell into the administration and how he became friends with Secretary of State Tony Blinken. Flashback: Blinken was Kelly’s second place when he led the State Department. Kelly is currently working downstairs at Foggy Bottom, and Blinken is sitting in Kelly’s old office and flying in front of him, serving as the new face of US foreign policy. Blinken was in Brussels to coordinate with Afghan allies while Kelly was traveling to China withdrawal and Russian-Ukraine tensions. Today, Blinken traveled to Kabul. In contrast, Kelly is light and often travels commercially. He hasn’t considered the issue beyond his brief explanation, and even if there is tension between the two skilled diplomats, they haven’t leaked out into the field. Note: Kelly wants to convince China, the world’s top carbon emitter. Set more ambitious short-term climate goals. He also, Xi Jinping Jintao of China is hoping to agree to participate in the virtual climate summit to be held on Biden April 22 to 23 days. Before arriving in Shanghai, Kelly told the WSJ that climate was an “independent issue” apart from other priorities. .. This may be a difficult balancing act to actually succeed — for the well-known climate envoys of the United States, China, and Biden. Dive deeper: John Kerry and China’s Long Road to Climate More from Axios: Sign up for updates Market trends in Axios Markets.Subscribe for free

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