Photographer “Disappointment” at Today Show’s Lia Thomas Photo Change

Photographer Erica Denhoff today Of the show Corrected photo of transgender athlete Lia Thomas Female swimmer left behind Throughout the season, and most notably NCAA Women’s Championship The end of last week.

She said she was “disappointed” in editing the show. “I’m proud to provide real images as a photojournalist,” she said. Washington Examiner.

Denhoff noticed that Thomas’ face had softened, eliminated the rougher imperfections that might look more masculine, and considered the move to be “intentional” on the part of the NBC, she said in the publication. Told to. “As a photojournalist, it’s very important to send real photos that haven’t changed,” she said.

“When I first noticed the airbrush in the referenced segment, I honestly thought something was wrong with the video. But then I looked at it again and thought.” Wait a minute. Please, this seems to be intentional. The characteristics of the rear have been softened, “added an artist and graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

“Then I went to the original photo, went to a site where I could license the photo, and compared it, and I immediately noticed the difference.”

Denhoff Swimmer performance, Includes tournaments in multiple tournaments and more.she said Examiner What she happened to her Photos modified online She “followed the news to see how my images were used to tell the story of Leah.”

“It seems to me that something is happening with the airbrush / noise reduction in all of Lia’s photos in this segment,” she said, referring to certain things. Today’s show episode Since last week, we’ve featured a photo of Thomas that seems to minimize tough lines.

“My photos they licensed were real photos,” Denhoff said. “Today, I was surprised and disappointed that the rear image of this particular news segment changed.”

Since Thomas dominated the competition last weekend, some female athletes have been swimmers Take them away There is a clear disparity in biological advantage, which may lead to the final.Thomas’ victory has been celebrated by progressive experts and mainstream media such as NBC, but has been criticized by many. Republican And the conservative circle argues that his inclusion is regressive for women’s rights.

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