Photos taken at an Asian restaurant in Georgia capture a child being taught racist gestures

A photo of college students dining at an Asian restaurant in Georgia has gone viral on social media due to a racist photobomb in the background.

Rebekah Lee, a 19-year-old student at the Emory College of Arts & Sciences, was dining at the Ton-Ton Ramen restaurant in Atlanta’s Ponce City Market on Saturday.

In the background of the photo was a woman, who appeared to be teaching a young girl how to squint and pull her closer, seemingly mocking Asian eyes.

“[I] I had my picture taken when the food came out,” Lee told NextShark. “I didn’t notice the people behind me at all. I heard giggles from the two of them, but I thought it was a happy family outing. After receiving the photos later that night, I put the scene in the background of my photo.” I tweeted the photo the next day, not expecting the reaction I received.”

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“Hold on.. Let’s zoom in here,” Lee wrote to her Twitter post on sunday.

“Is it time to say, like two months ago, that someone said to me, ‘Please embrace my Asian eyes,’ ‘Love my cross-eyed eyes,'” she added. I was.

“I can’t confirm if the faces the parents were making were really meant to be offensive, but I can’t deny the context and situation they’re in,” Lee told NextShark.

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Since then, the tweet has garnered over 500,000 likes and over 65,000 retweets, with many users outraged by the racist gesture.

“Imagine enjoying our food, but you can still hate people,” one user said. I have written.

“Racism against Asians…in Asian restaurants. Like their boldness and lack of self-awareness, they are incomparable,” another user said. commented.

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‘Let’s say it louder, racism is taught,’ said another user Said.

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