Pierre Polivre attends Conservative caucuses after landslide leadership victory

OTTAWA—Pierre Polivre will address the National Conservative Caucus for the first time since easily winning the Conservative leadership over the weekend.

Polivre is scheduled to meet with Tory MPs and Senators in Ottawa.

A long-time member of parliament, he rushed into the opposition leader’s office and won a crushing victory, winning nearly all of the country’s 338 elections, with nearly 70% support from party members.

With just over a week before the House reopens on Sept. 20, Polivre has already begun transitioning into his new leadership role.

He won the support of 62 of the party’s 118 other MPs during the leadership election.

He must decide which of them will take the role of critic and reach out to those who did not support him.

Monday’s caucuses will also be the first opportunity for party lawmakers to see how Polivre intends to lead and manage internal party affairs.

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