Pierre Polivre raises more money than all opponents in Conservative leadership race

Pierre Polivre has raised more money than all his opponents combined in the Conservative leadership race in the second quarter of this year. data From the Canadian election.

According to data released on August 2nd, Poilievre has raised $4,042,717.

Leslyn Lewis came in third with $709,061, followed by $541,707 raised by Brampton, Ontario Mayor Patrick Brown.

Former Progressive Conservative MP Roman Beiber, who raised $504,650, and Ontario MP Scott Ichison, who raised $363,922, were next.

The number of individual donors further reflects the amount of support received by each candidate.

Poilievre received donations from 36,804 people, Lewis 5,523, Charest 4,191, Barber 4,171, Brown 1,358, and Aitchison 1,081.

“For me, this is the most important piece of data in our second quarter fundraising information. It will always be the most important thing for political strategists and organizers. said Yan Plante, a former Conservative strategist and vice president of the Quebec-based consulting firm TACT.

“This shows that there is serious movement ahead. Bulldozer is coming for leadership and may be coming for the next election,” he added. another tweetechoes the views of Conservative strategist Tim Powers, chair of Summa Strategies and managing director of Abacus Data.

“If you’re against the Conservatives, you have to see how people are opening their wallets for them in times of financial trouble,” Powers said. toronto star.

“Right now, Canadians seem very dissatisfied with their current government … There is anger, and the Conservative Party seems to benefit from that anger.”

Data from the Canadian elections are $4.4 million About 36,000 donors gathered in April, May and June.

During that period liberal Raised over $2.7 million from nearly 28,000 donors, Democratic Party for the People We received about $1.2 million from about 16,000 people. green party Raised approximately $438,000 from approximately 5,200 Canadians. block quebec raised approximately $248,000 from over 1,600 people. Canadian People’s Party Raised just under $200,000 from nearly 4,000 donors.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Toronto.