“Pingdemic” food supply chains are starting to fail over, says the meat industry


Industry leaders warned that the food supply chain was “beginning to fail” as workers quarantined coronavirus contact and criticized Prime Minister Boris Johnson for trying to mitigate the “plague.” ..

Industry groups in the meat industry said the bar was set “very very high” and could not rely on Johnson’s new exemption for critically fully vaccinated workers.

Johnson apologized to the company for “inconvenience” on Wednesday, but told them to comply with segregation rules after his own minister scattered the turmoil.

Faced with widespread criticism of staff shortages amid a surge in COVID-19 cases, the Prime Minister announced plans this week to allow “a few” important workers to continue their duties.

However, Nick Allen, chief executive officer of the British Meat Processors Association, criticized the government’s “misleading message” for saying it was unclear who the minister was.

“There’s a real disappointment in the industry. Until now we’ve been able to keep our food supply chain running, but in a way we’re starting to fail in that regard,” he said. Told the BBC Radio 4 Today Program.

Asked if the production line is stagnant, he said: It’s already happening. At the retail level and in restaurants, we’re starting to see that everyone is having a hard time solving things in action. “

He said it was unclear who the industry would be subject to tax exemption for a small number of double-jab key workers.

“Late yesterday, it became very clear that this tax exemption would apply to a very small number of people. They explained that they set it to a very very high level, and we are sure. I don’t expect it, “he said.

Pubs and shops are dissatisfied with having to close due to the large number of people who are “pinged” as contacts for the NHS COVID-19 app. Medical personnel have also expressed concern.

The latest figures show that more than 500,000 people in England and Wales were required to be quarantined by the NHS app in the week leading up to July 1.

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Cases of COVID-19 confirmed daily in the United Kingdom by July 20, 2021. (Infographic PA Graphics / PA)

In a question from the prime minister, who virtually emerged from his quarantine in a rural dwelling in the Checkers, Johnson said, “Isolation is an important tool in our defense,” so keep the rules until they change. Prompted people.

“I apologize for the inconvenience to anyone doing business above or below the land in the public sector or any other kind of service,” he added.

Sir Kiel Starmer accused Johnson of “trying to dodge” his quarantine after contacting COVID-positive health minister Sajid Javid, emphasizing policy contradictions.

“When it comes to causing turmoil, the prime minister is a superspreader,” Labor leaders accused Johnson of leading the “summer of turmoil.”

On Monday, Johnson resisted calls from companies struggling to address headcount reductions by refusing to introduce broader changes to quarantine rules before August 16.

He suggested that duty-free shopping would cover hospitals and long-term care facilities, or working in food, electricity, medicine supply, transportation, defense, and borders.

However, the government states that there is no “total tax exemption for any sector or role” and that decisions are made primarily on a case-by-case basis.

Downing Street does not say how many people will be exempt, but it is understood that the number is not expected to reach tens of thousands.

This week, the 10 people who were forced to emphasize that post-alert quarantine from the app was “important” could have business minister Paul Scully make an “informed decision” on whether to quarantine. I suggested that I could do it.

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