Pipeline winner Moana Jones Wong wins second wildcard spot on Sunset Pro

Moana Jones Wong, the winner of the female Billabong Pro pipeline, was awarded another wildcard entry to Harley Pro Sunset Beach for starting on Friday.

The North Shore locals, who defeated two-time world champion Australian Tyler Wright in the semi-finals and five-time world champion Hawaiian Carissa Moore in the pipeline finals, have since been at the Championship Tour (CT) event. It was the first wild card to win and was lit up at Sunset Beach in 2010.

Jones Wong will row a yellow jersey and join Harley Pro as the number one in the world. World Surf League (WSL) reported.

Since Wright won the wildcard in 2010, hundreds of wildcards have shot unsuccessfully. This shows Jones Wong’s extraordinary achievements and was the first full-length female CT event in the pipeline.

The last man to win a CT event in the pipeline as a wildcard was Jamie O’Brien in 2004, but like O’Brien, Jones Wong spent a lot of time on the lineup with the famous break that appeared on her wave. The selection, placement, and calm of the large left barrel.

She also HIC Pipe Pro During December.

“I started pipe surfing when I was 12, and I’ve been here consistently since I was 18,” he said in front of the 22-year-old Billabong Pro Pipeline.

Meanwhile, Kelly Slater, the winner of the male Billabong Pro pipeline, is undecided whether to paddle at sunset.

“This may be it for me. I would have to talk to myself before the sunset,” Slater said after the victory.

There is growing speculation as to whether he will call it a day as to whether he will leave at a high price after a CT victory, which he has never experienced since launching Billabong Protahitian in 2016.

However, in the 2022 CT schedule, which includes Indonesia’s G-Land and Teahupoo, Tahiti went straight down his alley and the 11th World Champion was able to make a serious attempt at the 12th World Title.

Harley Pro Sunset Beach is the second stop on the 2022 tour, Surfing australiaBreak is a test site where surfers can read the lineup and therefore be tested to see if they can be in the right place and at the right time.

It is a large and powerful open ocean wave that crosses a considerable amount of volcanic reefs and has six different sections that work more effectively depending on the direction of the swell and the wind.

Sunset specialist Pancho Sullivan said wave volatility makes the sunset special.

“There are different perspectives on the sunset. Every day is completely different,” he said.

But this unpredictability includes the infamous cleanup set that surfers don’t want to get inside, and the Kamiland rift, which means they always paddle and stay in position.

Harley Pro has an event window from February 11th to February 23rd, the waves weather Looks promising.

Wavefronts and offshore winds of 4 to 7 feet are seen on Fridays, and sizes increase to 6 to 9 feet on Saturdays. On Sundays and Mondays, the situation is not expected to be very good as the winds and waves across the shore are less than head level.

The waves are expected to actually recover on Tuesday, and long-term WNW swells bring the set to the double overhead plus range (10-14ft face), and conditions look promising for the rest of next week.

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