Pitbull owner charged with horrific attack on Prosser’s mother and son in his own yard

When Prosser’s mother was at home, she noticed her neighbor’s dog running away.

She hurriedly closed the gate before a pack of notoriously aggressive dogs entered the yard.But she couldn’t latch it before they attacked.

and her fifteen-year-old son When he tried to help her, the dog attacked him and his dog as well.

Four months after the brutal attack, dog owner Darrell L. Wynn Jr., 52, faces two felonies of potentially dangerous dog attack.

Investigators allege that Wynn terrorized neighbors by letting his dog run free for almost a year before the April 8 attacks, according to Benton County court records.

Nine pitbulls at once chased horses, police officers and more through Benton City and Prosser.

However, Wynn ignored warnings from police and dismissed pleas from neighbors in the months leading up to the attack in which Kristin Gregerson and her son Hunter were seriously injured.

Hunter suffered 105 stab wounds, his mother required dozens of stitches, and nearly lost his arm. their dog was killed.

Benton County deputies seized three dogs with blood still on their muzzles, according to court records.

According to Benton County Sheriff Lt. Jason Erickson, Wynn allowed the three to be euthanized after a 10-day quarantine to check for rabies.

pitbull attack

Hunter Gregerson was painting outside his hut On the Old Inland Empire Highway When his dog started barking around 9am, his mother heard the barking and tried to close the garden gate.

They believed a pack of seven neighborhood dogs were making their way to their yard.The animals got inside before the gate closed and pinned Kristin Gregerson to the fence, according to court records. did.

When the hunter heard his mother screaming for help, he ran and pulled the dog away. And they attacked him too.

Another neighbor heard the screams, grabbed a shovel, and ran toward Gregerson’s house.

Police were called and the mother and son were taken to Prosser Memorial Hospital.

a GoFundMe raised nearly $14,000 Help pay hospital bills and install new gates. Both face a long recovery, according to the latest update.

The GoFundMe fundraiser was launched after Christin Gregerson and his 15-year-old son, Hunter, were attacked by a pack of dogs near their home in the Prosser neighborhood in April.

The GoFundMe fundraiser was launched after Christin Gregerson and his 15-year-old son, Hunter, were attacked by a pack of dogs near their home in the Prosser neighborhood in April.

Neighbors told police the dogs were often loose and always aggressive.

One of Wynn’s neighbors said a dog was running through his pasture chasing cattle before police arrived. Told.

According to court records, “He advised the defendant that the dogs were overly aggressive and dangerous and advised the defendant that the defendant replied, ‘You just need to know them.’ .

When officers went to Wynn’s house after the attack, they found three pitbulls with blood on their faces. There are three that I didn’t expect,” he said.

According to court documents, the dog became very aggressive when animal control officers took it into custody.

Issue history

Neighbors had been complaining about the pitbull for about a year before the attack, according to court documents.

In June 2021, police were called to 120 Grace Court in Benton, Washington, where a woman reported five pit bulls fleeing.

According to court records, three dogs charged the officer as he was talking to the woman. The women took refuge inside the fence while officers ran to their patrol cars to call for help.

When other officers arrived, the neighbor told the officers that the dog had been harassing goats in the yard early in the morning and that the dog was always roaming the neighborhood.

When the deputies went to talk to Wynn, the dogs charged at them and had to use pepper spray to stop them.

Court records show Wynn told police he had seven pitbulls. The dogs were escaping through a broken fence.

He said he would move in two days, so the problem would go away.

Officers were called again on Oct. 18 when dogs were chasing horses and cats in the area. When officers contacted Wynn, they found nine pitbulls and several puppies in the yard.

He was again told he had too many dogs, and police contacted Animal Control and Code Enforcement for follow-up.

Police showed on December 1 about the previous complaint and eight dogs started running towards them. Told.

According to court records, “Defendant confirmed that he had spoken to officers and that neighbors ‘needed to look after themselves and stop complaining about them.'”

The final call came days before the attack, when a woman reported that she and her girlfriend had been chased by five pitbulls on her property.

Outside she heard dogs chasing horses. When she went outside, two dogs challenged her. At that point she had two dogs declared potentially dangerous.