Pittsburgh police officer didn’t attend funeral for gunshot wounds

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Police were called to the funeral last week following the shooting, officials in Pittsburgh confirmed. 6 injuredno officers showed up for the event.

Deputy Police Chief Thomas Stangrecki said in a statement Thursday that the officers involved face disciplinary action that will be handled internally. However, it is not clear if the police did not respond to the funeral request or did so but did not show up.

A spokeswoman for the department said it was investigating why the request had not been met.

On October 28, two shooters opened fire outside the Destiny of Faith church, injuring six. Five of the victims were shot and one of his was injured in the melee.

19-year-old Shawn Davis of McKees Rocks and a 16-year-old Pittsburgh youth have been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a weapon in connection with the shooting.

The funeral was for 20-year-old John Hornezes Jr., who died in a shooting in Pittsburgh on Oct. 15 that killed three people. Authorities have repeatedly declined to comment on whether Davis and the teenage suspect had any connection to Hornezes or anyone who attended his service.