Plans to reduce the £ 20 Universal Credit hike go ahead: Javid


Health Minister Sajid Javid confirmed that plans to reverse the £ 20 rise in Universal Credit will proceed at the end of the month.

A weekly increase was temporarily introduced to assist the claimant during a coronavirus pandemic.

However, the Minister plans to phase out the increase from the end of September based on the individual claimant’s payment date.

And despite opposition, Javid said the plan would go on.

“The temporary increase will end as planned at the end of this month,” the former Prime Minister said in Sky News’ Trevor Philips on Sunday.

Recipients could lose £ 1,040 ($ 1,439) annually if the Prime Minister pushes forward with reductions.

“We intend to end the temporary increase in Universal Credit,” Javid said.

Sajid Javid
Health Minister Sajid Javid arrived at the BBC Broadcasting House in London on September 12, 2021. (YuiMok / PA)

Members of the SNP supported a call on the British government to abandon its “cruel and frankly irresponsible” plan.

The party’s meeting overwhelmingly supported a motion to urge government ministers not to end the boost.

Meanwhile, Labor analysis suggests that the economies of Northern England and Midland need to save £ 2.5 billion ($ 3.5 billion).

The party calls for a vote on the reductions planned as part of the Opposition Day debate at Commons on Wednesday.

However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has previously denied that ending the uplift would put more people in poverty.

A government spokesman said: “As the budget prime minister announced, the increase to Universal Credit has always been temporary.

“It was designed to assist plaintiffs through the most difficult stages of the pandemic, economic shock and turmoil, and it did.

“Universal Credit continues to provide important support both inside and outside of work. The government focuses on our work plans, helps people return to work, and is already employed. We need to support the progress and income growth of those who are. “

Geraldine Scott