Plasma pens claim to remove skin tags and blemishes at home

You usually need to go to a dermatologist to get rid of skin tags, moles, tattoos, and other skin bumps and marks. But according to Dermabel, all you need to do is buy the plasma pen. According to Dermabel, the pen painlessly removes unwanted skin imperfections and blemishes at home. It comes with fine and coarse needles, depending on what you are trying to remove. Insider producer Celia Skvaril decided to give it a try with a skin tag, but first passed by a dermatologist. Dr. Karan Lal was skeptical, but as long as she sent her photo to make sure she actually had her true skin tag, Celia did it at her own risk. She said she could try it. After trying her pen, Celia passed Ral’s result. Lal said the device worked technically, but he doesn’t think it’s safe. Check out the Dermavel Plasma Pen here: Dermavel Plasma Pen, $ 99 Check out the microscope here: Celestron Deluxe Handheld Digital Microscope, $ 99.95 https // Celestron-Handheld-Microscope-Discoveries-44302-C / dp / B07K2174VF For more information on Dr. Karan Lal: https: //