Platoon repulsed Russian soldiers in 1 minute when defeated by Ukrainian forces


Irina Balachuk – Sunday, October 9, 2022 at 10:24

Russian prisoners of war said they underwent two days of training [before being sent to fight in Ukraine – ed.]the battle in Kharkov province and how his platoon was defeated by the Ukrainian army in just one minute.

sauce: Ukrainian Security Service (SSU) telegram

Quoted from SSU: ‘Life Cycle’ of ‘ [Russian] Conscription is as follows: 12 days, then captivity. A large number of recently recruited Russians were captured by Ukrainian forces during counteroffensives on the Eastern Front. Some of them fought for a total of 12 days.”

detail: One captured soldier, a resident of the Udmurt Republic, said his military training lasted only two days. On the other hand, tank crew training is within 10 days of him. He believes it is impossible to prepare a soldier for war in such a short time.

Russian soldiers said they arrived in the town of Millerovo in Rostov Oblast (Russia) on September 13. From there, a group of his troops left for Donbass (but for some reason they ended up in the Kharkiv province). By September 25, he was captured by Ukrainian forces.

quotes from russian soldiers: “I saw people well armed and well trained. All others had portable radios and all had thermal imagers and night vision scopes. They were part of our platoon. We eliminated the whole thing in one minute, killing 20 people in one minute.”

detail: Soldiers believe Russia will continue to “conscript artillery fodder” and deploy troops to Ukraine without any training.

He said he decided it was better to be in prison and alive than dead and under Ukrainian soil.

The Ukrainian Security Service emphasized in its post that Russian occupiers can surrender by calling the hotline at +380665803498 or +380931192984.

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