Plymouth gunmen received mental health support during the blockade


Gunman Jake Davison received mental health support during the blockade of the coronavirus, which appeared.

The 22-year-old woman, who shot and killed five people in one of Britain’s worst shootings, was in contact with Plymouth’s telephone helpline service operated by an organization in southwestern Livewell.

On August 12, an apprentice crane driver shot dead his 51-year-old mother, Maxine Davison, at a Vidick Drive home in the city’s Keyham district.

He then went out and shot dead three-year-old Sophie Martin and her father Lee Martin, 43, in an attack witnessed by a terrifying spectator.

In a 12-minute attack, he killed Stephen Washington (59) in a nearby park before shooting Kate Sheppard (66) at Henderson Place.

Davison then pointed his gun at himself before the armed police officer reached him.

Plymouth case
Home Secretary Priti Patel and Devon and Cornwall Police Chief Constable Shawn Sawyer visited Plymouth, England, on August 14, 2021, in tribute to the killing of five people by gunner Jake Davison. (Ben Virtual / PA)

Davison’s mother was reportedly worried about her son’s mental health and struggling to get his son’s help.

Livewell Southwest, an independent Plymouth Healthcare Group, said Davison had been supported for the past 18 months.

An NHS spokeswoman said:

“The First Response Service continued during the blockade and was enhanced to help those in distress.”

More questions arise as to why Devon and Cornwall police confiscated the shotgun to Davison and then returned it.

His shotgun and certificate were returned just weeks before the murder.

They were confiscated in December last year after being accused of assault in September last year, and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IOPC) has already begun an investigation.

The government has also announced that firearm applicants will be subject to social media checks.

All police in England and Wales are required to review the current firearms application process and assess whether existing licenses need to be reviewed.

Meanwhile, the courage of the two teenage boys was praised on Monday as it was revealed that they saved the lives of a horrified bystander during the Davison rampage.

A relative of a boy said he went to help Davison’s last victim and shouted a warning to stay away from others.

Local community leader Kevin Sproston said the boys’ actions saved their lives.

“Your actions and courage are a constant source of inspiration for myself and others, and I am truly grateful,” he added.

Rod Minchin