Poco X3 Pro hands-on play: the former flagship “variable core” entry machine for e-sports

Poco X3 Pro hands-on

Eric Chan / Engadget

Earlier, Poco launched two gaming phones in Hong Kong in one go. One is a high-end Poco F3 using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 870 processor, and the other is today’s protagonist, Poco X3 Pro equipped with a Snapdragon 860 processor. Although the name looks fierce, it is actually an entry-level gaming machine priced starting at HK$1,999, but the specifications are very good. Let me share with you the experience below.

Poco X3 Pro hands-on

Eric Chan / Engadget

The appearance of Poco X3 Pro is the same as that of Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite. The front perforated screen is matched with the curved back, and it has two different textures: the center of the back has a bright illusion reflective tape with a large “POCO” printed on it. The words, on both sides are a kind of matte metal touch. The body is a bit thick (9.4mm), plus the weight of 215g, it feels quite feel in the hand.

The right side of the bright middle frame is the volume button and the power button that doubles as the fingerprint reader. The bottom of the machine is the 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C hole and speaker, which can be used as a stereo dual speaker with the part of the earpiece, and the left side is the hybrid -Style dual SIM card slot. Simply put, it is an entry-level to mid-level fuselage configuration.

Poco X3 Pro hands-on

Eric Chan / Engadget

Surprisingly, this FHD screen actually has a 120Hz refresh rate and a 240Hz touch sampling rate, which can be regarded as a more advanced gaming machine function. However, everyone does not need to look forward to the picture quality part, because the panel is only a LCD, and HDR is not available. Fortunately, there is also Corning’s sixth-generation Gorilla Glass, and the body has IP53 protection certification. A certain amount of protection. When playing games, X3 Pro can give you the smoothness of pictures comparable to high-end models, so it is good when playing games with high-speed screen conversion such as chicken and FPS. Coupled with the 3.5mm headphone jack, players of music games are even more favorite. It’s a pity that you might get a little discount if you are playing an RPG with beautiful graphics.

Poco X3 Pro hands-on

Eric Chan / Engadget

But what everyone is most concerned about is its specifications. After all, Poco X3 Pro uses a renamed former flagship processor S860: the S855+ two years ago was overclocked to 2.96GHz and then renamed, so it is really amazing. Curious how it behaved. The tested X3 Pro is a high-end version, equipped with 8GB LPDDR4x RAM and 256GB UFS3.1 storage space. In fact, it is something that a common mid-range mobile phone will have, but the new Wi-Fi 6 is added, which brings more Stable connection performance. And the battery has a large enough 5,160mAh, which supports 33W fast charging. In addition, Hong Kong only has a 4G version, and there is no power consumption for 5G mobile phones in daily use, so the battery life is no problem.

Among the performance evaluation tools, I just don’t have an S855+ mobile phone in my hand, so let’s compare it with S855 and S865. Seeing that the score of Poco X3 Pro is the flagship score of the year, and it is in the specification with less RAM, so it is quite good. Even if you are playing a high-demand mobile game, X3 Pro is also capable of it and allows you to fight for a long time.

Poco X3 Pro (S860 + 8GB)

Galaxy Note 10+ (S855 + 12GB)

Galaxy S20 Ultra (S865 + 12GB)

3D Mark Wild Life




PC Mark 2.0




GeekBench 5

(Single-Core / Multi-Core)

782 / 2,755

430 / 2,577

914 / 3,270

Poco X3 Pro hands-on

Eric Chan / Engadget

After playing it down, Poco X3 Pro can be regarded as a qualified e-sports phone, because it has all the functions that mobile game players need, including a high-fluency screen, high-performance core specifications, and the camera is not very large, and it will not Hinder the feel. And the focus is on the price. The so-called high-end version is actually only HK$2,299. Instead of looking for an old flagship with similar specifications two years ago to be an e-sports plane, the Poco X3 Pro with new-generation e-sports elements feels more attractive.