Podcast host Joe Rogan says he tested positive for COVID-19 and took ivermectin.

Joe Rogan Presentation On Wednesday he added that he tested positive for the coronavirus and took a series of medications, including ivermectin, a medication used to treat parasites in animals. Food and Drug Administration says people should avoid..

Important reason: Rogan is one of the most influential podcast personalities in the world. In the past, some of his more controversial comments have been criticized, putting Spotify, Rogan’s exclusive podcast distributor, in a mess.

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News promotion: Logan was accused in April of not requiring young people to be vaccinated. Rebuked According to Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor of the White House.

  • The podcast host then I walked back His comment stated that he was “not a respected source of information.”

What he says: “I had a fever, sweat, and knew what was going on all night,” Logan said, adding that he left his family after suspecting a possible virus. rice field.

  • He also thanked “modern medicine” for “pulling me out so quickly and easily from now on.”

  • The personality did a “Joe Rogan: Holy Clown Tour” in Orlando, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, just before he got sick.

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