Poilievre, Bernier and Sloan join in to praise veteran James Topp on the final day of the cross-country trek


Ottawa-Several Politicians briefly or all-day joined military veteran James Top when he was completing cross-country trekking in Ottawa on June 30th.

Topp protested the COVID-19 vaccine obligation by walking from Vancouver’s Terry Fox Memorial to the capital’s National War Memorial.

Maxime Bernier, the leader of the Canadian People’s Party, the most vocal federal politician on public health restrictions since the outbreak of the pandemic, has joined the top at the starting point of Ottawa’s Bells Corner district to downtown the National War Memorial. I walked 20 kilometers. ..

“What a hell, that’s great,” Bernier said of the completion of the top 4,300-kilometer journey.

“What he is doing for all Canadians now is about our way of life and about protecting our country as we are used to. Previously it was free in this country. But that’s not the case now. “

Bernier told The Epoch Times that the top had fought for those who had lost their jobs due to medical decisions, and he himself was doing the same.

“That’s why I’m with him today.”

RCMP’s civilian employee, Topp, took an unpaid vacation because he was not vaccinated. As a military reserve, he is also in the process of being expelled for the same decision.

He also faces military accusations for publicly speaking against his mission. Topp did so when he wore his uniform in February.

Hopefully Pierre Poirievre, the MP of the Conservative Party and the leader, met with the top and his supporters at College Square Mall along the way. Then he walked easily with Topp.

Poilievre asked Topp how he felt about approaching the finish line, and the veteran said it was “exciting.”

“I support freedom of choice. I always have it and I believe people should have the ability to make their own decisions about these issues,” Poilievre told Topp.

“We are free Canadians, they decide what to put in their bodies, we decide to think, we decide who we are as people, hundreds in the first place. We can restore the freedom that brought all immigrants to this country. Thank you to everyone who supported the freedom of choice. “

Topp met with about 20 conservative MPs in Ottawa on June 22, and told The Epoch Times that this was part of what he was trying to achieve.

He said the meeting was made possible by the people he met while writing a letter to their lawmakers about what he was doing.

“Given the current political situation, I [the MPs] I had the courage to do so. They did what they were supposed to do, they listened to people on their horseback, and they acted on their behalf, “the top said.

MP Reslin Lewis, also a Tory leader candidate, was one of the MPs who attended the meeting with Topp on June 22nd.

Former Ontario Diet member and Conservative leader Roman Baber did not attend the final day of the top, but walked 15 kilometers with the top on June 15.

Ontario leader Derek Sloan has joined the top spot at Hogsback Park. There, a group of pedestrians took an hour break.

Sloan told The Epoch Times that what the top accomplished was “historic.”

“I hope this symbolizes the pinnacle of the liberty protest, which means that at this point there will be no further infringement of liberty. The rest of the mission has been removed.” Mr. Sloan said.

“There are a lot of people around James. There are a lot of MPs around him, and I support James 100%.”

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret