Poilievre brings in record fundraising dollars, more than previous Tory leaders

Conservatives set record fundraising in election-free year under Pierre’s new leadership Polyvreand it surpasses other federal parties.

In the last three months of 2022, the Conservative Party has raised more than $9.7 million from more than 66,000 donors, according to Canadian election data.

That’s just under $900,000 for Bloc Quebec and just over $800,000 for the Greens, compared to $5.8 million for the Liberals and $2.5 million for the NDP.

It was the first full quarter since Polyvre He took over as Tory leader in September and has shown that he has outperformed his predecessor in the Canadian elections.

In the first full quarter after Erin O’Toole took over the mantle in 2020, the party brought in $7.6 million from nearly 46,000 donors.

Andrew Scheer, who took over as party leader in 2017, raised $3.6 million from 32,000 donors in the first quarter after winning.