Poilievre calls Ottawa’s climate action a ‘tax system’

Conservative Party leader Pierre Polivre says the Liberals’ climate action plan is actually a “tax system” that raises money for governments without cutting emissions.

“[The prime minister’s] Carbon taxes do not meet any single, stand-alone emission reduction target. question period in the House of Commons on October 5. “It’s not working.”

Poilievre said one farmer recently told him he paid more than $12,000 in carbon taxes in July alone.

“Now obviously it’s been passed on to the customer,” Polivre said, adding, “The prime minister wants to triple, triple, triple the tax on that family, and that’s even more expensive food. We will have to pass it on in terms of price,” he added.

The federal carbon tax is set to increase in April 2023. This raised her fuel price in Canada by $15 per ton and will continue to rise. every year The government estimates fuel costs will be $170 per tonne by 2030.

The government says the rate hike is “based on the global warming factors and emission factors used by Environment and Climate Change Canada.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said “Clever slogans don’t help families,” in response to Polivre’s request for Ottawa to cancel its planned carbon tax hike.

“When will the Conservative leader get serious about climate change?” Trudeau asked.

“The prime minister is not taking climate change seriously,” Poirivre replied.

“He has a tax plan that has raised money for the government, not a climate change plan, but it hasn’t cut emissions or met its targets.”

Current Federal Emission Reductions Target The government aims to reduce Canada’s emissions by 40-45% from 2005 levels by 2030.

“In July when this family was paying $12,645, [Trudeau’s] Possibly a carbon tax for the environment, the prime minister has jumped on a private jet 20 times,” Polivre said during a question period on Wednesday.

“Can you tell me how much carbon dioxide he emitted in that July?”

Mr Trudeau said Mr Polivre “should be as focused on developing plans to fight climate change as he is inventing elaborate theories and attacks”.

“You might be able to compare the Conservative Party’s actual climate plan to what the government has been doing for the past seven years,” Trudeau said. “But he would rather focus on me than on Canadians and their future.”

Mr. Poirivre has repeatedly called on the Trudeau government to halt its plans to raise taxes. On Sept. 28, his motion to block the federal carbon tax hike next April was defeated by House 209-116.

The next day, Conservative MP and House Leader Andrew Scheer introduced a new motion to prevent tax increases on items such as “gas, food, home heating and checks”.

“When they triple, [carbon] How much does it cost to buy a liter of gasoline across Canada?” asked Poilievre on Wednesday.

peter wilson


Peter Wilson is a reporter based in Ontario, Canada.