Poilievre must provide a conservative “constructive and optimistic vision” in the party leader’s bid: Professor

Pierre Poirievre says he is running for prime minister. Conservative Conservatives and financial critics have skipped the announcement that he is running for Erin O’Toole, the leader, and said he is aiming to replace Justin Trudeau instead.

Poilievre video Online on February 5th to make his announcement. He started with his well-known theme as a financial critic and attacked the government’s “printing of money”. He says he has created high inflation, increased the daily living costs of Canadians, and increased the wealth of the rich.

A longtime Ottawa parliamentarian has proposed to promote core typical conservative principles such as a more liberal business environment, freedom of choice for medical decisions such as vaccination, and freedom of religion. The we.

“Using COVID as a political opportunity, the Trudeau government has attacked small businesses, truck drivers, and other hard-working Canadians. They are free to run gangsters and gun smugglers while enforcing the law. We are targeting hunters and farmers who comply, “said Poirievre.

“There’s a problem here. Trudeau thinks he’s your boss. He has it the other way around. You’re your boss. That’s why I’m running for prime minister — you. To return to the person responsible for his life. “

He is one of the loudest Conservatives and is on everyone’s list of candidates to replace Outur.

Jeffrey Hale, a professor of political science at the University of Lethbridge, said one of Otur’s problems was the inability to provide a coherent vision of conservatism that could have widespread appeal within the caucuses. ..

“The challenge is how to define future conservatism. First of all, do you apologize for who you are? This is his pitbull Pierre Poirievre. It’s one of the selling points. “

Hale says Poirievre appeals to some of the parties, but must be able to define conservatism “with a constructive and optimistic vision that can connect with non-idealistic suburbs.” Another knock is that Poilievre can be perceived as the party’s “angry face.”

“One of the questions he has to deal with is whether his clear defensive conservatism can be combined with a more subtle rhetorical style. And he is political to do that. Do you have the skills? “Hale said.

Tom Flanagan, an emeritus professor of political science at the University of Calgary and a former adviser to Stephen Harper, has a similar rating, but Poirievre said, “I’m dissatisfied with Autour, mentioned by people I know. It is also the name to be given.

“Leaders must be able to do more than just speak in public,” says Flanagan. “I think he’s doing a good job in the role of a critic. I think he was very effective. Is it eligible for him to be a leader? Well, I don’t know. That is, honestly. I don’t know. I just haven’t seen him at a caucuse. “

Marco Navarro-Génie, director of the Haultain Research Institute, said Poilievre “had a fair amount of talent, but some people weren’t very prominent and could throw hats on potential races to show their potential and talent. there is. “

Navarro Jenny said this would be more for the party to recover faster and present known merchandise, as conservatives chose to replace their leaders and the government held only the minority. To voters who say they may support a well-known candidate.

Conservatives may have been “disadvantageous” by eliminating Mr. Autour, but “the collateral on the other side is a potential challenger who is already a well-known brand name among conservatives. To bring profit. “

In the last leadership race, Poirievre replaced Andrew Sia in 2020. Consideration I ran away but couldn’t get in, and told my family that it was hard. He did not support the candidate at that time, leaving the door to future action open.

Poirievre, who represents Carlton’s equestrian, has already received the support of the former Conservative Prime Minister. John BairdAnother MP in the Ottawa area, with support from his MP colleagues Michael Barrett, Jamie Sumer, Philip LawrenceWhen Jake Stewart..

Noe Chartier


Noé Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.